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Katie Parsons Nov 2018
I gently weep to the sound of silence that surrounds me
Where have you all gone?
Why have you deserted me?
The sticky flames roll down my cheeks as they start to bleed bright red pigment under my skin.
I’m not okay.
But that was yesterday

Today I got up
I swept my floor
Polished the furniture
Removed the spots of my tarnished yesterday from the silver of today.
What is today?
Today is the day I said no more
Sadness, anguish, depression, anxiety
No more
Pain, suffering, laziness, exhaustion
Today I am new

Tomorrow I am strong
I am beautiful and wise
My testimony shines through the tiny cracks of my bleeding heart
Piece by piece I will mend my broken soul
I may not be okay tomorrow, or even next week. But I know, one day, I can say:
Today, I am okay.
Aurora May 2017
In the darkness, I am still loved. In the darkness, I still have hope. I still pray. I still have an easy way out, but I don't take it, because if I do, others will to, and if I do, I will never learn to FORGIVE, and HOPE, and LOVE. I will never learn to not be afraid. But with you God, I will learn to TRUST, to be HAPPY, and to be OKAY. With you, I am learning to correct my mistakes, and to HEAL, and to heal OTHERS. I will always need you, but, I am trying to learn how to depend on myself, and I will, just not now. But I know, I, will be, OKAY.
This is a poem about having faith in God, and yourself.

— The End —