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Trixie Limasa Aug 2020
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ̀ˋ

Fighters in midst of war,
A war without guns and bombs so far,
instead, a syringe with vaccines and drugs,
Wearing PPE battledress, a little snug,
Against invisible opponents, that's bizarre,
They called front-liners, our star.

Despite the danger ahead of them,
They still chose to risk their lives, what a gem,
So people stay indoor and pray,
Wear masks and clean your hands every day.

To our dearest front-liners,
You are all the best, ever,
Will we forget you? never,
We will remember you forever.

We love you to the core,
Today and forevermore,
Our precious front-liners,
Let's be safe and fight this together.
I am a beginner in a world of poetry, please help and guide me po. Thank you so much Love lots
Sally A Bayan Apr 2020
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ̀ˋ

Bull frogs have no voice this rainless night,
crickets are done with their song...
no contentment reigns in this warm silence
where human fears reverberate, in the
still of this crazy summer month...

t's a foggy scenario, for these health workers,
they're white shadows
witnessing silent struggles inside hospitals,
outside houses, amidst crowds...even in places
frequented by homeless people...

white shadows know despair felt by the
sick, separated from families and friends,
white shadows know when anxiety and fright
settle in the air...they feel when death is nigh...
they conceal their worries, their fears,
well behind their masks......yet, no one is
invincible...........white shadows die, too.

i strain my eyes...something flickers
in this dark, navy night...

"Come, fireflies...
be with us, though briefly, in this
moment of uncertainty......tonight,
i see your shy, quivering dots of fire,
braving the darkness...just like these
selfless white shadows, struggling to
overcome fear haunting their hearts,
come fireflies...
share your magical glow with them,
may their faith and hope never wane,
may this heavy fog melt, and fall like rain,
may this plea stand not in vain."
(it's hard not to write depressing poetry,
when days and nights seem an eternity...)

©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
   April 13, 2020
(in honor of our tireless, selfless front-liners)
Sandy Macacua Apr 2020
despite the danger ahead of them,
they still choose to—
risk their lives to make sure others are breathing.
stay outside of their homes to comfort the distressed.
work tirelessly to serve the vulnerable who needs their service.

to the frontliners,
we sincerely appreciate your heroism.
we are grateful for all that you do
for our country.
we are in awe of your selfless service.

you are indeed our heroes.
the world needs more people like you.
thank you for existing.
Pusang Tahimik Mar 2020
Gumigising na parang huling araw ko na
Pamilya ba'y makikita ko pa
Lakas ng loob ay sapat na ba
Sa hirap at takot na aking nadarama?

Nagbubuwis ng buhay para sa iba
Samantalang nagpapabaya naman sila
Sa bahay ako'y hinihintay nila
Huwag naman sanang agawin din ako sa kanila

Maikling payo ay pakinggan mo na
Mga paa 'y ipirmi mo na
Sa suliraning ito'y huwag nang dumagdag pa
Makinig ka lang at nakatulong kana

Tayo'y nahaharap sa isang digmaan
Ngunit hindi tayo magkakalaban
Lahat tayo ay magsi-tulungan
Upang hindi na tayo pa malagasan

Lahat ng ito ay mayroong hangganan
Hindi tayo nag-iisa sa pakikipaglaban
Mga panalangin ay pakikinggan
Kung iisa ang damdamin ng SAMBAYANAN!

Pray for PH. Fight covid19!

— The End —