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Someone May 2019
is built from
and valleys
hills and creases

a body
a vessel
a shape
a form

mountains and valleys
beige yellow green and red
body is an arrangement
of forking paths

constructed by the devil
he is beautiful
in his sharp knife body
created from dust
before it could settle
Philip Smith Oct 2015
Node poem here:

set up on the nice spongy ground

a ring of stones where a fire goes

strawberries all around

but they are quite now

just as the fire went

when the wind blew

they coat the ground

but their fruit is asleep

deep in their green

an idea in their genes

still none of this

is why day goes
Playing with a non-ordered form. Try to keep the phrases short and open-ended, and open-beginninged, so that each line can be attached to any of the others. Sense the sense in the shift of order.

— The End —