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Marco Feb 27
I don't know myself anymore
I am so sleep-deprived
I don't remember what a dream is
I think I live in one

I am so alone
yet you keep me company
I am so sleep-deprived
you think and decide for me

I am not in control
we have ten fights a night
I went straight for your ear
there is no light, no light anymore

I am so sleep-deprived
everything's a copy of a copy of a copy
this is my life - your life?
I am so alone
yet you keep me company

I hit you as hard as I could.
This is about "Fight Club", both the novel as well as its movie adaptation.
Lauren Dec 2018
I am not jack,
This is not jacks conscience.
I cannot get sick and **** jack,
I have come for you.
I create problems, sometimes i create appropriate solutions, just enough so that you think you are still a good person
I don’t want the army of followers,
This is between you and me.
This ends today.
You had no way of knowing this was coming,
Of course, another part of you always knew.
"I'm breaking my attachment to physical power and possessions, because only through destroying myself can I discover the greater power of my spirit."
"Self-improvement is *******.
Now self-destruction is the answer."
*-Tyler Durdan
from Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
Lucy Ryan Jul 2015
kiss me
(says he, maybe she)
cut up on the sharpness
of lips
and teeth

she is that thing -
about plastic flowers;
they never wilt on you
and stay young
and beautiful
as long as you care to see them

kiss me
like real people
when they touch
don’t quiver
or glimmer
just bruise like decayed fruit
and bleed as freely

and the flowers,
plastic flowers -
smelling just as sweet
with sprays of perfume
ugly juniper fragrance
down spines
like dew

**** me
she says, definitely she says
wide open eyes
to creep inside him
(or him, perhaps)
and she could
with her fingers
stop his breath
and she might
if the light
hits his eyes just right

burning flowers
smells worse when plastic
like explosives
like fat in a deep-fryer
crisping like
bodies in a burning house
- three bodies, two bodies, and a burning house

**** me
like a litany
**** me
like you promised me
**** me
in fields of plastic peonies
**** me*
you’ll love me
you’ll see
i re-read fight club and i have *feeeelings* sorry
Nicole Louka Mar 2014
I put my mother through hell,
I hurt my father as well,
I've been thinking about killing myself,
Would you mind?

I love you,
Do you mind?

I'll do whatever you tell me to
In the dark
You put a gun to my head,
Said you wanted to paint the walls with my blood,
You said you'd teach me the meaning of 'fast'
You know you'll always be the king,
The king of dust,
You don't mind.

I don't really wanna know what's good for me,
And I might die from all of this,
But at least I killed the pain
Cover me in poetry,
That you'll one day want to set aflame
I'm torn apart,
Rebuild me with your the tip of your tongue,
I don't mind.

— The End —