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Dante Rocío Sep 2020
I still have to and follow the inquiry
to learn to belove
at paid attention
every face
I encounter.
Because there is no fleeing
from any of them
when I look in the mirror
(and in dark glazed)
Greatest yet most complex to resolve
Of strong tanned
Like a sword’s leather hilt
My own highlight face.
Colm Oct 2018
I dare not breathe
I dare not hope
I dare not try and be
Any less content with this now
To be any less jumping up and down
Would not be true to me
Envisioning Contentment
Light House Jan 2018
He perched, ----in darkness
|||frozen in stone||| ..charging.. charging.. charging..
like a battery, to someday soon
s h a t t e r  & burn~~^~~^~~ brightly.

— The End —