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Meenu Syriac Sep 2014
Dying thoughts of a mind lost in pace,
Stars on a dark night, silent whispers in play,
Embers of a life, all that is left of the chaos, deranged.
Heartless words of a world consumed with hate,
Shadows singing a serenade,
Did the fire burn your soul away?

Hiding behind the lie of life's enduring "honor",
Pride and dignity, a mask of ignorance, a veil for the society ,
Listen to the song, the children, they sing.
Protect your honor, but have you lost all sense of humanity?
Sacrifice morality, much prized possession lies in wait,
What about brotherhood, has the greed, yet, consumed your honesty?

Listen to the song, the children, they sing,
Hear it fade with the sound of the world outside,
Hear it no more, lost to the noise of our souls enslaved.
©Meenu Syriac

— The End —