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One more moment
Is all it takes
Eyes met eyes
And the souls fuse
such as quick drying cement.
both hearts beating as one
A beautiful rhythm
A song speaks
singing the words of our love
Together, we need not say a word.
As we feel peaceful.
As our souls take flight
LIke the White-winged Dove.
I am learning to coexist
A refreshed and a new and reborn soul
Meets new faces
His confidence is the sweet toll
On which he pays to run down the roads of greeting and meeting new friends
Souls to enjoy the fun and fresh times
As life's clock measures the moments
Of intertwined souls
Employing new ways to share their existence
a feeling, oh so sublime.
Energies that spark a new power of life's forces
Charging the once drained batteries
of the HUman heart.
One can meet a potential life chain linked soul, anywhere.
Keep your eyes open.
Or you shall miss another fused chain link and intertwined and enjoyable fused soul in which a relations
of the heart and soul
shall make their start.
Feelings of Joy from the chill
Arctic colds freeze the body
Also, it purifies the soul
Out flies astral travels of my Human will.
Visiting lands at the speed of an "Outer Body " "dream"
Landing states are quick and also unneeded
Communicates with other souls
adds to a sweeter and a more "clear eyed" vision and
a more "grander" scheme.
Fly with me upon golden wings
Join with me against star lit scenes
As we dream together, even in the real land..
as astral waves are painted with a truer light with lesser burdens...
No worldly issues..just me and you.
Maybe you've seen me enter your "dreams?"
as I joined with your soul
and beautiful travels bathed beautiful avenues
without tolls.

— The End —