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julianna May 2018
What would you do if you saw a girl spending pennies and pearls on food?
She gobbles it up and then she barfs, which she thinks makes her feel good.
Later that night, with her conscious she'll fight as the guilt eats her for lunch
But she'll never tell of the story where of she went to after brunch.
Weekly goals written on the board
share one common thread of hope: that we would live another day, another week.

Faces of worry, guilt, and shame are universal as we verbally state where we want to see ourselves in seven days time.

"Purge free for at least one day."
"Refrain as much as I can from body checking."
"Get in at least 3 meals a day."
"Find and use positive coping mechanisms."
"Affirm myself three times for every one time that I say something horrible about myself."

While it is easy to write these hope-filled words on a board, the actual challenge is staying true to them.

Hours of therapy can only make us aware of the areas in our life that need healing.
The healing process, however, lays in our own frail, cold hands.

Living a life married to ones eating disorder is a life lived in a mirror covered box with no apparent way out.

*But mirrors lie.
***** you, Ed.
Sweet girl
there is no need to sit in defeat
for you were made to run
not only the race of life but the long distance of forgiveness

Sweet girl
this is not all that there is to your life
the door you choose is but a choice
the correct answer not always in view

Sweet girl
life is full, overflowing with second chances
third chances, forth chances,
the number does not matter

Sweet girl
this is your chance
to love with every fiber of your being
for the reward far outweighs the regret

Sweet girl
I will be here for you
to show you what recovery looks like
as it is better to enter with a friend

And Sweet girl
please remember whose you are
as that is what helps us live everyday
remember the battle is not against flesh and blood

Be gentle with yourself
For me and my fellow ed warriors...keep fighting. The price is far too great. <3

— The End —