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Lines border my eyes like new roads
to more distinguishing characteristics,
signifying for me many a morning frown.

I draw my face closer to the mirror to
examine them in more detail, mapping
pending destinies laid fresh like asphalt.

Traces of purple fans out from the exterior
corners, I think of them as ink spatter that
gets larger every time I endorse

a small check.

I cannot stop the runs but I can
hide the evidence with concealer
creams and foundation,

establishing a façade upon which
the viewer will find as pleasant
from just the right                          

I stand back just so approximately
from the mirror to admire
an illusion of youth,

and then move forward once more
to fathom the texture
of experience—

"Maybe less this time" I think,
have I not earned the right ?

s jones

10 Jan 2021
e J May 2018
They said it was an accident
That you had just slipped of the balcony
That you were just peering over the guardrail too far
Then you just slipped
But I knew what happened
I knew what happened the moment I saw you
Your little broken body slid out of the cold locker
Your nose crooked and your eyes puffy
Those once bright sapphire eyes stifly closed
I didn’t cry; I just stood there staring
“That’s her” I had croaked out
Then I walked away
You said you wouldn’t
I told you what would happen
Breathing in cold air I glanced quickly at the traffic below
“See you later alligator”
In a while crocodile
This based on a short story I wrote a while back so not many of you will understand it, but I still liked it so it's up here now. welp enjoy

— The End —