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Farhan Ahmed May 22
Lets consider two territories
One for the good, and one for the bad
One we could inherit
One we once had

Well let me explain lad

There are camps established at the border of both
Seven billion lined up for food reliefs and clothes

We are meant to fight this war that we think is not ours
But we need to leave where we are and live who finally empower
the rights
Who finally allows us roofs for the nights
Who finally makes the future bright,
With new lights.

But if the fight is between good and the bad
Wouldn’t you be mad
If bad takes over
Cz eventually you will return to where you came from
Answer for the choices from the options you choose from

And the smart could tell
The bad is all about luxury
And the dreams to sell
Wiping all out the misery
But a road to hell
And a trap you fell
The tests you failed
All the signs availed you

God gave everything before the tests began
God never taught you to lie
Who do you deny?
The one who could design a fly?
Things you cannot even try?

God gave everything for free
Even when you were labelled as a refugee
At the borders, between the bad and the good
Allowing we, to choose what we should
But he knows what we would

And the wise will rise the ranks
Grow in size after all the tries
Get back the status of soul of the pure but through a worthy redemption.

Remember that.

This is not our home. Just small camps of those in exile. Little caves of nomads. Shelter for refugees.

All you need to do is, PASS THE TEST
The battle of your own.

— The End —