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Isabella Terry Jul 2016
Sometimes things go bump in the night,

Sometimes shadows dance.

Sometimes my soul writhes in fright,

And sleep has not a chance.

Sometimes my imagination runs free,

Sometimes my senses lie.

Sometimes I feel them after me,

When I am surely fine.

Sometimes I doubt I will be spared,

Sometimes it never ends.

Sometimes I feel alone and scared,

While I'm among good friends.

Sometimes my soul is screaming,

Sometimes I hear no reply.

Sometimes my heart is streaming,

Into a silent sky.

Sometimes I fall into the crack,

Sometimes it isn't fair.

Sometimes I glance behind my back,

But there is no one there.

Sometimes I feel them lurking there,

Sometimes I see a face.

Sometimes what I thought was clear,

Disappears without a trace.

Sometimes I stare straight into death,

Sometimes it stares into me.

Sometimes I take my final breath,

But then I've taken three.

Sometimes I hear them screeching,

Sometimes I see them glow.

Sometimes I just keep reaching,

For what is there, I know.

Sometimes I see my end,

Sometimes it was just a reflection.

Sometimes I seek my friend,

But I can not find the connection.

Sometimes I write this down,

Sometimes my pencil's shaking.

Sometimes I hear a sound,

That starts my sanity breaking.

Sometimes I know true terror,

Sometimes I stare into the void.

Sometimes I wonder where's my carer,

As my soul is just destroyed.

Sometimes I pray my heart out,

Sometimes I beg someone hears.

Sometimes I a battle through a bout,

And never feel him near.

Sometimes poems are not fiction,

Sometimes the story is true.

Sometimes a poet knows her diction,

And just wants to escape through you.
Wattpad- RabidFlyingSquirrel

— The End —