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Karmen Aug 2018
It's in the arts
It may be hard to tell
We are not all well
Might as well cast us to hell
We won't be forever young
Let us live this once
Dance while we can
Before it's old and makes us want to go
Like never known land
Discovered from Peter Pan
Removing all fear
Revealing how near , we are almost there
Couple more steps
We'll be in the clear
Young once again
Till we meet again
My dear
This isnt goodbye , but hi
az Dec 2017
Thoughts of you
I cannot consign to words
The day we met,
The nights I want to forget
You were the fire that
Turned me into ash
I was a dream
That never came true
And as I watched you slip away
Before my eyes
Far, far away from my reach
That I realized,
I couldn’t keep something that
Wasn’t meant for me
But in my heart
I prayed for you to stay
And on a rainy day,
We did finally fade away

One of my first poems that was also published in Us Magazine, The News International:
Ritika Jun 2017
I have all the time in the world

For that dawn to appear

And when it’s not there,

I feel a shadow unraveled,

An unseen, hidden,

Black Shadow,

In verge of disappearing.

Oh! Dawn… Why don’t you hark

What my heart says,

I just seem strong,

Not I’m… Yes. I am.

Go away. But don’t bring calmness of your shine, ever again. Go. And never be there again.

Black Shadow let me be,

Let me stay. Here. Here forever.

Go away. Go away… ©err1585
Mayank Ricky Jan 2016
Go out into the Darkness and put your hand in the hand of God .. That shall bee to you better than light and safer than a known way .. !!

Someone Close !! you are to me ..

Someone, about whom little is spoken ..

And little is Hidden ..

You too, know the secret ..

What this moment is unravelling ..

That my destiny is yours ..

You belong to me ..

Your eyes !! when they see you in the mirror ..

I have lost my way towards you ..

Give my eyes the permission ..

Just for once with the Smile ..

Call me your own ..

To hear this from you ..

with bated breath ..

My entire world awaits ..

My destiny is all yours ..

I could find the words to answer you then ..

I will blanket the world in utter darkness ..

I will pull back the veil of light and reveal to you ..

I’m wearing a mask tonight so that  no one can gaze at my window .. Let me wear this mast tonight and just look at my smile which bring sunshine in your eyes .. Atleast for tonight .. !!
Wade Lancaster Aug 2015
This is goodbye.
I am going to try and forget you, to live my life without you.

To not use you in my words, my writings, my songs.
I am truly sorry about this "apostrophe."

Certainly you had your place in my world.

Many times you were there, for me, for many others too.

You occur when a speaker breaks off from addressing the audience.
And directs speech to an absent third party.
Often it is a personified abstract quality or inanimate object which some absent or nonexistent person or thing is addressed as if present and capable of understanding.

However, you keep me from writing positive words like "Can, Will, Have and Is", among others.

I have come to realize, your best friend... "Not" is an important part of you.
Still one should never discard even a part of a best friend, something you do, when you become part of speaking and writing.

This may not be goodbye completely.

Simple because you were taught to me to be a part of my words.
I cannot blame teachers or writers.
I can only blame myself.

Nevertheless, I have the will to choose.
Therefore, I will make every effort to remove you when I read.
When I speak and when I think. I have that ability.
Wade Lancaster Aug 2015
When the night was still and quiet. And the sound of the blood rushing through my veins filled my ears, the only way to silence it, was to slip out into the night.  AND like the hunter that spawned me, joined in the struggle for life and death, I was alone, unable. And those around me didn't understand, they shunned me, she cursed me, calling me vile names. I did not know why. Even now, do I know why I am driven? Why I cannot relent or repent or confess or abstain. How could I know, I have never been here before. And not one will lead me to that knowledge.

Those feelings are still a part of me. These veins are still a part of me. I control them. They do not rule me. To fit in, it is demanded, to change the one part of me I cannot change. And because I cannot, I do. That too is the mark of a good man. What enemy must a warrior battle to be appreciated and not taken for granted?

And as the blood, the love, is slowly drained from these veins, it is a painful death. My heart withered in my chest. My breath was taken away, no breath offered in return. Suffocating only because I am loyal, true and committed.

I am becoming a shell of what was once a powerful man. Weakened in these arms. Beaten to submission. Pride removed, replaced by fear.

Only fools have no fear. A broken man I am. What price, at what cost, is a place in the virtual worlds? Reality eludes the master. And the rope, the one I once held with honor, now binds me. As my feelings are pushed aside, like unsaid words, as sand in the eternal sea. Closer towards the cliffs I am pushed. Her appetite for destruction is never satisfied. Feeding it has removed my bones, only my spine supported this emptiness.

With creativity in bondages, manipulate and conquer becomes a formidable weapon. Slicing away, layer by layer I became what it wished for me to be. Silence of tongue and emotionally tangled in the convoluted mind of misunderstanding... I lost strength from the ***** of a virtual reality, once I was ingenious but have been reduced to ingenuous.
Wade Lancaster Aug 2015
If only you could see
I am like a mimosa tree
My branches you can climb
My leaves will give you shade
When my spring arrives
My flowers you can see
The aroma is only for you
In the night
My leaves close
It is how I hold you within my arms
In this way I exhale
And you receive the oxygen
For it enriches your blood
And your heart becomes happy for it
Dig into my roots
They are dug into the soil of our togetherness
Feel the richness
Smell the earth
Look upward towards the sky
As the light of happiness
Filters through
If only you could see
I am more than just a tree -- Wade Lancaster
Ottar Apr 2015
money is not my mistress

though she could be if,

she spent … more than time with me,

understand my pockets of

resistance have holes, weak

am I, over strong, this is a

lack of discretion that has led

me to this place, where those

on all the wreck tangles,

won’t look me face to face,

so take it to the bank

so take it to the vault

so I can be within Gestalt

so I can for the moment

in the moment be richer

than before I am poorer

by one so… experienced.
Prompt today was a rich one, however it bankrupted me to write it, so  I  cashed out, liquidated, and am looking for a likeable receiver.
Ottar Apr 2015
I stir in the soft glow, in the room, and traffic is a slight ocean's wave, in sound,

I put my hand upon my chest, this ceiling isn't mine, the fixture here is round?

When I roll over, you are there, face hidden by your hair,

Pillow grasped with hands still bunched, have a hunch

We loved last night under, the moonlight, cloud light , no light

If I remember anything, ... umm I must get dressed and take my things

I must leave without saying goodbye, or get the stare from sleepy eyes,

That could **** even me, with the air thick with thrill, from the eve before,

No, I must leave sleep and you, to walk the dog who is scratching at the door,

for sure before I leave, this early early morn.
Aubade - I am a morning person...5:19 A.M  I am awakened
Ottar Apr 2015
you rubbed the
grey worry stones
over and over,
that were found in the Chest,

                                        treasured or pandora's box, what else was inside?

patiently losing
kind parts
of your fingers,

                                     with printless tips, losing all identity, such sacrifice!

the still stones
hard with worry,
until the worry
fell away,
           landing and curling
           like shavings a
            Carpenter's work
           would leave  behind,

and the stones
began to look
like red and
soften up some

you took it in stride, no pride or boasting, no scolding no holding it over my head,

you never faltered,
you went and
stood silently,
watching me
tire each day
from my new
and advent-
urous ways,

behind me to
remind me
there was safe-
ty in your arms,

                                                          ­                        tall tales told of night time fictional conquests, lies about lying with strangers!

the pink flesh
you wore, never
turned green
knowing we would
find each

till dawn
              and morning
                                   light glinted
                                                       of your hair,
                                                                ­           your smile,
adding colour to the design?
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