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TIZZOP Nov 2020
Me, me, me: I'm just up for dem purple notez like dat purple cow from dat commercial: a Milka spot, no tiramisu, me i got a really black leather jacket, originally stolen by my brate in da name of da hood: we robbed a rich family in my city 

dem apartment was closed, but my brate kicked dat door in wit his bosnian feet; 79 inches, balkan handz, workin wit a digga he be carryin dem lockerz; me tellin my brate: we got all dat yayo, so just do it

and now we be eatin cevape and börek, while dem cops are lookin for two of these yugo-haircutz; bluelightz all over da place, sirenz and carz, me carryin da bag no ****** around wit home depot

dear god, just help me dat time: i need me a benz wit dem mega-rimz
now come on and see it, and take it like quick: da yugo-cheater, i'll be rippin off dat cash
TIZZOP Mar 2020
forgotten friends of foggy times
it ain't the time to write in rhymes
you can be my lover or my enemy
we met in oblivion baby

in rainbows under the
cold light of day
no one could ever catch us:
bank robberies

pistol pressed against a chin
under the cold light of day
no one could ever catch us
hoodlum and princess

when we secondly met: captured
morbid moonlight sounds
loopholes of tenderness
bank robberies

going for the jackpot
together on our first coup
it all started off well
just from heaven to hell

no one could ever catch us
a strong kind of benjamins
ain't you get me, my friend?
this poem doesn't have an end

it gets thirsty and dry
simultaneously stars ******
to hide the scars of all your wars
to hide the scars of all our wars

no one could ever catch us!
no one could ever catch us!
Today is a good day.

— The End —