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I open my mouth to speak to a crowd of  unsimulated sheep, I was a king then, I am a king now, but I've never seen a bow, I conquer minds, unravel the individual sign write on it I am not hungry but I would love some common courtesy, seeing pass the facade of happy caring faces, we are all like ogres thick layers of self doubt, piecing together a broken fault, the best release may be inner peace, but our perfect creations become corrupted at the slightest tease, how am I to speak when no one reads, there are so many screens invading the scene, even now there is a glow upon your face, and the sheep are beckoning the insomniac to sleep, the choice is when, the decision cannot be corrected by easy pill supplements, conspiracies, floating in a pool of ignorance, calling out each others name as life lines, together our words may blanket the eyes, forming the disguise that reveals the truth hidden within I

— The End —