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your eyes are made of oceans
your heart is made of gold
you're going through the motions
but you carry far too much to hold
when rain falls from your clouds
showering down from your stormy eyes
you mustn't hide them in thick shrouds,
or pretend you have clear skies
you shouldn't ever be ashamed,
for they are just proof of your fight
- (i have my own raindrops too, i just don't allow them to be seen, amongst big crowds and loud, i hide them in my drink)
Caro Oct 2014
I could not write so I walked
Through fields of diamonds where
Luminous poppies danced for me
But I did not stop
Only when I reached the woods
Did I hear the rain cast down
Over each leaf, each branch, singing
It is enough to be;
Only then did I look up
And see the stars -
Each one bound to me
By a single, tight thread of light
Each one humming
It is enough to be
Were only the skies to clear,
Were only the clouds to pass.
Heather Booth Jun 2014
Gold dipped rays,
Seep through the clouds,
As this stormy day,
Draws to a close.
No need to cower,
The storm is over.
June Montag May 2014
but all is not lost as
     the brightness returns and
     the dark is dispelled
          no more to sojourn
the tears can return from whence they came and
     the fists put back into their cage as
     the cameras finally roll away.
a touch an apology a kiss on the mouth
     the monster he promises will never get out
     but we all lnow that it will.
yet for now the sky's blue and
     the clouds have returned
     all's right with the heavens
     all's right with the world.
this is one of the few happy poems i will ever be capable of writing, simply because it was not my idea. i do not control the rain.

— The End —