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Kliff Thee Poet May 2019
For there is a storm a coming
Clouds litter the sky
Over yonder, the masses scatter even a few are running
Foresight is not a sense
And not listening to the sounds
Being rumbled, is what keeps the young from being solid
To a crumble
Two ears and one mouth is key
So youth listen two times more than you speak
By C E Cheatham
A poem about entering adulthood
Kliff Thee Poet May 2019
With the illumination of rays from a high, as with the wetness on the blooms in the fields a new beginning has arrived.
Melodies tickles the ear brought by winged beast, a calming attitude shall bestow peace.
Doing all just for ambiguity but in a place of misery, by being surrounded with a lopsided liberty.
To gallop through yards of wildflowers or sail the seven seas, your passion will always shine in what you believe.
To gaze upon the clouds not knowing what is a midst, seeking knowledge and answers to questions to make the good spirits lift.
The journey that lies ahead will not commence without a step taken, being ready to siege the day comes with being awaken.
Listening to the joyful sounds of laughter and young ones a play, with the excitement of opportunity on the inside you will not stay.
The aromas of nature intoxicate the nasal cavity, with the most pleasurable of pleasant scents. No visible ***** of moisture in the sky, so nice your question is why?
While the hours go by, the plot of  your journey is away and you are truly enamored with this lovely summer day.
By, CE Cheatham

— The End —