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Kayley Brayz Nov 2019
I was bored, so was you,
We were sitting on the bench in the empty park, staring at the blue,
I was depressed, my life was over,
I told you my depression, my troubles, but all you did was said, "Go get a four-leaf clover."

You laughed, I didn't. It wasn't funny,
For you it was like the topic of money,
For me it was the topic of life,
But all you did was said, "I got a win in a game, high five."

I said nothing, there was nothing to say,
I wanted to go home, if yet may,
I wanted to leave you, leave the breath, leave the life,
You paid no attention. Before you had been my best friend. It was like I had been stabbed with a knife…

I stood up and said, "Take care."
All you did was said, "You're so dull. Don't stumble upon a hare."
I did a fake smile, knowing nothing is worth to live.
Lost everything. Friends, you, lost the power to believe…

All the love, all the tries,
Buzzed away into the air like flies.
How many times I had been deceived, broken, lost,
Nothing is worth now, not the cost…

The thoughts kept sailing, over and over.
My depressions atop my head did nothing but trouble me and hover,
The rain poured endlessly while I stared at nothing but the dark,
My mind kept saying, "Die with a growing spark."

I pulled out my pistol, in my hand,
I had no bullets, but they appeared as of magic hand,
I placed the weapon to my head,
I saw you grinning, "You were never my friend. You are worth nothing, but to be lifeless and dead."

I had no strength, I wanted to die,
I knew that my Mother had said a beautiful white lie;
"You will have a great life and will be full of joy."
To me love and friends are something that I can't explain the importance of, but the others I cared for used it like a toy…

I let my last sad tear drop,
And squeezed the trigger with no stop,
Right away my world faded, and I saw the dark, I saw a hand,
The Death appeared, holding out it's skeleton hand, "Welcome child, welcome to the end."

Welcome. I appeared in Hell,
Time for my pains and depressions  to fade away that I hid so well,
Nothing but dark. And then it slipped away and faided,
I appeared in the humongous void of space, leaving me lost and unaided,
Nothing mattered  now, only the darkness and the vastness of the dark pit-full space,
The tears, the shattered memories, the hatred, and the pain, washed away my oh-so hoping face……

-Mishka Wayz
I had created this quite a time before when I had a depression, so I decided to share it now. It isn't meant to be a thing, but let me just say, the poem is not true. Even I agree with that. Everyone deserves love, trust, and friends. Everyone has a second chance too. There is no such thing of a person being single forever. He or she will find the perfect match sooner or later. You need time. Time is everything. Everything is time ^^

— The End —