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Brittany Wynn May 2015
Why do you wear maroon lipstick?
Why are there lip stains on that stem-less wine glass?
Why are you staring at the sunrise?
Why are you smiling?Why are you laughing?Why are you yelling?Why are you smoking?
Why are you running?Why do you let mascara smears on your cheeks?
Why would you argue?Why would you snap?
to be continued...
Shoutout to the people who joined this beautiful site that i know in real life.

Lindsey Isbell
Evan Hayes
Bianca Grace
Jon Wilkes

These are some amazing people who ive grown to love and cherish in the last few years and they are all very deep and intelligent and i couldnt wish for better friends. I hope more of my comrades chose to navigate the blank page with inspiration as the wind behind their sails and i hope they share their work with me amd the world.
Ira Dawson May 2014
Can you hear me?
The monster waited outside of my bedroom door.
My body pressed against the floor.
Looking, waiting for someone to save me.

The silence slices through the air.
Mommy didn’t try to scare him away this time.
I felt my heart beat in my ears
and felt his nails caress my hair.

What makes you happy? Why is this happening?
My screams trapped inside my pillow?
My eyes red from tears?
Are you thriving from my fear?

All the King’s horsemen are dead.
The next day, I made my bed like terror never lived.
Tucked in my blankets and fluffed my pillows
erasing the memories of last night’s shadows.
Co-Written by Brittany Spaulding and Ira Dawson

— The End —