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Safana Nov 2020
In a place
where no one
but we, between
sun set and rise
a cut of bamboo
is fused and the
coffee cup brimful
to the lip, the
label uplifted to the
next level and
sloshed on a lovely
sharing hours,
slowly we muted
and respiring like
a new combustion
engine of a new
2020 Mercedes Benz
car racing on pure
coal tar high road
Read it, you can!
Because, I am in love
2020 Mercedes Benz Cars
kaycee Mar 2020
He's a benz and I'm his Santa Fe but the way he looked at me made me feel like a Ferrari.

Bright hot red shiny metal glistening in the sun, lust colored eyes revving up my engine (spirit).

Sleek, calm, mature.

Mercedes, tell me when you'll be ready for love and I promise to come running at full speed.

— The End —