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She walks in beauty and with elegance.
But I cannot seem to reach for her lips.
She leaves to go on her annual trips.
When she’s gone, I fill up with helplessness.
I will never feel such a blessedness
Until her restless green eyes come back here.
Losing her is the only thing I fear.
Just the mere thought fills me with dreadfulness.

The baroness came to grant me a kiss.
My heart skips a beat as she walks towards me.
Her radiant smile burns into my soul.
Spirits combined for a moment of bliss.
Our love shall last, it was meant to be.
To be joined at last, to become a whole.
Harriet Cleve Jul 2018
Baroness Penniless stripping for your art

creaming up your body like an apple ****

tomato bras and candelabras that's your dada art

take a side, not suicide, looking for your place

don't be a *****, be the **** descending staircase

Duchamp, your champ,  your ready -made not taking any chances

A sheet of glass and your fine *** declines your *** advances

Marcel, Marcel, I love you like Hell, take me to your mountain

we will not stop until the top and there I'll find my fountain

Marcel, Marcel, can it be true, the thief is here what will we do?

Forgotten like this parapluie am I by you

Baroness Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven Mother of Dada Art

sitting in the jolly inn playing out your part

Berlin, Berlin and there within the forming of a ylem

you end your ways and count the days in a pyschriatric ayslum

Baroness Penniless stripping for your art

creaming up your body like an apple ****

tomato bras and candleabras that's your dada art
Tribute to Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven founder of Dada Art
Searching through the archives
of - my family tree.
Struggling through the mislaid vaults
of ge-ne-ology.

Personal contemplation
on what might come to light.
With so much work before me.
I study through the night.

Lines that take me nowhere
all scramble through your head
but curiosity pushes you
as you study - the 'long' dead.

Suddenly things come to a light,
new relation leads
that push you through the lonely night
and sow so many seeds.

Will it be - Maud Plantaginet
who'll set me to the stars
a Sir, an Earl or Baroness
all Great Grandpa's or Ma's.

A close link to a Tudor King
of whom it's often said
that if he doesn't fancy you,
you could well lose your head.

Henry Three, Henry Two,
King John and Henry One.
Many times Great-Granddads
and the list - goes on and on.

William the Con-queror
and someone very quaint,
Ma-tilda Von Ringelheim,
she's an - Eigth Century Saint.

Has all the work been paying off?
Will the journey - be of worth?
For who knows who - we're related too
who has also walked this earth
As well as writing poetry I have a passion to learn about my ancestors.
I have had some success although I still need to thoroughly confirm the information collated. My continuous family link is to Jane Boleyn, she is the sister of Thomas Boleyn (1st Earl of Wiltshire) He is the father of Anne Boleyn. She married Henry VIII King of England becoming his Queen (Later to be executed by him). If this is as I believe, the case then that would make Henry VIII the husband of my 1st cousin, 13 times removed. Or should I say Ex-husband. How cool is that and more interestingly what (or who) else is to come?
October 2014

— The End —