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 Jun 2014 Surrogateone
 Jun 2014 Surrogateone
My heart skips a beat
Fingers start to tremble furiously.
Oh Misanthropy she whispers in her lovers ear as she sits bolt upright nails in his chest, thighs tight as she rides the human not the race
Eyes glazed she's somewhere else, as she pummels his torso into the bed.
When she's done she lets out a cry!
Oh why oh why oh why oh why.
No passport, no sunscreen
No travel plug or euros
No flipflops no shorts, just pockets of ammo
No loungers for Germans to throw there towels on
Just constant explosions and lead from their guns
One minute standing, next second gone..

This is what father spoke of the Somme
We came in our thousands and no package trip
We fell face first the moment we hit
Get off the beach the voices screamed!
Running head on into bullets and bombs
Bodies laid strewn dead on the wire.

Now I return, will be my last time
You just see sand and a holiday town
I see the ghosts of the friends I once knew
Their faces are clear the screams are as well
Remember them please, I beg don't forget
For they gave their all to stand here today.
As those of old tried to change lead into gold, she melded emotions in the raw.
Fear manipulated and formed from love,
light became dark and feelings lost.
Taken and twisted, bent and misformed
as she played with the very depths of his soul. Then like a witch her work was done the gold in him was all but dulled. She left him soft she left him cold. Only lead where once was gold
I'm only human
                More ****** up than ever
                                                        But human.
My number one list.
The things I have to do.
(Survival depends)
Breathe, Eat, Sleep. etc

My number two list.
The things I need to do.
(To maintain number one list)
Work, Cook, Clean. etc

My number three list.
The things I would like to do.
(Possible not probable, if any money left from list two having satisfied list one).
Visit Vietnam, Hold an anonymous party, Do good things.

My number four list.
(Improbable yet much desirable, things be it material or of fantasy that make the other lists bearable)
Have a goth ****** and make love to me.

OK its a short list. Is yours?

— The End —