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Sue K Connally May 2015
Ha! Here I am

Reflecting upon my efforts to contend
Mending broken pieces
in my very own fence

Finding myself
with hope
even after all of those bends

I am still Going
Where(?) I shall discover all in due time

Now, realizing
this is Prime

I mustn't race

I am still surely Going
Sue K Connally Mar 2014
Where I lived was a dead end street

At the end there was a stream

It ran quietly into the River of Hudson

There were floods that would bring the river to my door step

Mud and litter  would float and settle

In the winter we would climb across the stream

We would climb the cliffs looking over the river

Drinking and smoking, trespassing on land that wasn't ours

but it was

it is still mine
Sue K Connally Mar 2014
You can shake me

Knock me around

Make your sour faces at me

Throw your hatred and your doubt at me

But I won't budge

I won't stop what I'm doing to acknowledge

your disapproval

isn't mine
Sue K Connally Mar 2014
What can I do to change this?
I'm going to bed.. to peaceful dreaming
Not needing answers
Receiving funny puzzles of people and scenario

I wake up to a blaring stereo

An Alarm

Increasingly louder

Oh! It was only a dream that I found all of my missing pieces
and was
forever ..


Okay,..I'm going to bed

I'm waking up

I'm going back to bed

I'm staying up this time!!

Why can't I wake up with all of these puzzles solved

Is this a never ending cycle.. do we even get to rest when we're dead?
Do we just circle the afterlife looking for more answers...

I'm staying up.. I'll sleep when I'm dead
Sue K Connally Mar 2014
What I tell you is a lie
I tell you things to get a rise
When I see the way you sway
I smile and just walk away

I start a fight to watch you boil
you steam and flinch and shake with toil

I don't know what else I could possibly do
that'd be as fun as
picking on you
Sue K Connally Mar 2014
She gazed, staring into her own pupils..
fixing her brows

smoothing those lines beside her widening closed grin
Fixating heavily on skin disregarding what lie beneath  

A facade of certainty in worth or power

False knowledge of what the importance weighed

A mirror showing to her an image
Familiarity in shapes & shades
A contentment enrobed her shoulders
As she twitched and straightened her posture

The women glared

..The men looked on
Watching her pull hair behind one ear and then free it again

Discomforted Ticks unraveling

A soft glimmer in her eye pinning back all tell
This is what I see, and this is what I'll show..

In a moment she perceived to be alone
She was safe with her own reflection
In her own head space but still seen

Onlookers peering, counting the moments of doubt

Clocking the paces and plotting the course in directions

A two sided mirror ..with many reflections
Sue K Connally Feb 2014
I want to be alone in that song
You carry my heart back home
A small piece of eternal happiness
that keeps pace with that beat
Fleeting memories of a time when all was well
Nothing ached, or echoed
every breeze bringing a smile to my heart and a kick to my step
I danced freely with lightness, twirling
my hips like a tornado of heavy cream stirred into your coffee
sing me back with your sweet sweet lips
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