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If I am honest....
I don't want tomorrow to come.
Because i know it will be full of
The suffocating people.

Who never listen to me.
Rubbing on anothet fake smile.
Wondering if God listens to
My cry for help.

Theres days where that I don't
Want to wake up.
Wishing I could stay in a dream.
Where I am happy and free.

Confessing my sins.
Preying for a way out.
Feeling as if there is no
Way out.

Spilling my heart onto empty
Lines trying to ease the pain.
Looking for a get out of jail
Free card.

Close to giving up because
Everytime I find happiness I lose it.
Everytime I find hope it fades.
Now I no longer know what to do.

Tonight I will prey once again.
In the hope he hears my cry for help.
I am in a bit of a dark place in my head at the moment and it's feels lik poetry is the only way to set myself free of the pain
Men have always been taught
They need to be strong.
That real men don't cry society
Made them suffer in silence.

Men suffer twice as hard as women
Do, they feel that need to be strong
For us.
Isn't time to change that damaging message?.

Shouldn't we teach young minds that
It's okay to cry and not be okay?.
Shouldn't we say to men hey its okay
Not to be strong and share your feelings.

Men have feelings to even if they
Hide it and won't agree.
I wrote because at the moment my brother is going through that family courts and we offen forget men hurt like we do I feel things need to change and we need to say hey ots okay to open up
Don't tell anyone but....
But I can't not hold back the gates
Of my heart any longer.
His sweet honey voice calls to me.

The war within rages like a forest fire.
His sparkling blue eyes.
The roundness of hips lured me
Into another world.

My racing heartbeat shook my core.
Stealing the breathe from my lips.
He calls me into the midnight darkness
To dance.

I can't work out how he does it
But every road taken leads me to him.
Love doesn't always come with a reason or why it's a spell woven of its own.
A starless sky wrapped in an empty dream.
I remember the days where your smile was like a fine wine I loved.
Now it's left a bad taste in my mouth.
In my heart hangs a votive wreaths
Of old withered memories.
Your voice no longer shakes the
Ocean of my sleep.
You where a lesson this comic universe wanted to teach me.
Now all I want to do is forget I ever
Loved you.
#learn #lesson #forget
The unforgettable wild stare in his eyes
The tenderness in his raspy voice,
His slow lingering touch melts my core
The caress of his lips on my neck,
The rising heat consumes me
He knows he has me right where he wants me,
Pushed on to the bed.
Lying naked before his wicked his smile,
One last look taken,
One last touch felt,
One last kiss tasted,
He left me lying on the bed in a heated mess.
Writing by candle light walking
In a garden of shadows,
Living for the darkness,
Playing his temptress,
The heated touches,
The caress of his lips against mine,
Dices rolled lines crossed,
The roundness of his hips,
The deep honey coated tone of his voice.
Had me pulling his head back just
to steal a kiss.
He makes me forget about the
World outside.
With this poem I have been playing around with words trying to make it more engaging
It all started with red wine kisses
Tantalising touches,
Soft whispers dreams shared,
Memories made.
Now those memories lay scattered on
The floor along with the heart you broken.
#heart #memories
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