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May 2019 · 80
If one man
StaticNSage May 2019
We’ve been receiving sentences of less than sentiment with clear confidence
Brutalized potential, children’s stories ***** in the age when dreaming is essential
The pawns glued
Chess moves and interrogation tables
Neglecting golden rules through platinum tooth
Lies or rhyme fables
To our sects to our roles but the fact is it’s all mute
We all sweat the belly ache for the food
When we get it
We full
Full bellies always embellish ****
Lick two for the proof, we seen dark days
So no aim straight up out the sun roof
Be it hardtop elements mentioned it
Ink for remembrance, predicaments resemble its
City wide
Past on a painting
Old jacks here know
Paint runs like a ***** when it’s brand new
It’s vastly over sold and boldly entertaining
The game speaks
Separation is dead ended for presidents
That same dialect sounding ignorant in conversations
Only folded to rubber bands stretching ****
If it’s all we ever hold beholden
Cook it on ***** tops
There are no hero’s in this ******
Assemble them fiends with dry cups
Mean mug the second thought
If one mans needing
The other man is getting it
Worldwide it’s brighter eyes dimming and thick on a cold world slipping
Visions are hazed and impatient
If one mans holding
The other one is taking
Jan 2017 · 220
Long winded title
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Thirty two and ever the fool
Misspelled cursed, inappropriate by any means
Provoke the beast
Belly up to the muse
Ate the truth in my words, satiated the dream with a feast
Not impossible, but improbable at least
Logically I outstretch my digits
The distance between survival and thriving rose just out of reach
Even in the beginnings nightfall fell completely out of view
Every evening
Every eve covers her breast long winded and today's art canvas is outstretched body to tattoo
Ever the rascal, I combat the articles in love
To commit to warfare
Fight off the need for welfare
Help is an option I refuse to choose
Jan 2017 · 184
Sleep Walking
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Just cooked up another bright idea came to take the foreign words
From mother earths now unprotected purse
Curse the common man who came in droves
I meant not to befall so awoken
I was brought here asleep as a stone
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Look in my eyes like there's an answer there
Repeat myself a waste of time but this is not your care
I say little enough to escape through my teeth
That's all I can spare
I've yet to feel my lover lower the guard she built before my entrance on her scene
Consequence is a ***** and a curse
No one knows this more than me
My heads never been comfortable in the clouds
That's a height I cannot stand by and explain away you're distant ways
You keep it real
Keep it real far away
From me
I'd serpentine to dodge the confrontation that seems to be knocking again
Turned a lover off again
My bones are burning just to keep you from using them up
To sharpen you're teeth
So cunning as it was
The past will always creep to condescend
Alleviate me the pressure babe
Before you're worlds weight brings me to my knees
Jan 2017 · 246
StaticNSage Jan 2017
My momma did me a solid with lowered expectations, started out with no prospects
It would be a miracle in itself
To see the sunshine outside the Mission Hill projects
When my path got a little twisted
My Grand mama left Brooklyn to move to Boston
Promises, I'll keep an eye on him
Granddaddy rarely ever shared two words
But when he spit reality I naturally learned, about the ways of the world
Named my oldest in his image, put a shine on him
How you going to dig the dirt you planted in if you're hesitant to put in the work
Never asked of me to be perfect but to be worthy of the work put into my personal journey
I heard it
Positive sobs through the wall when I survived and walked out the door with head high purpose
And knowledge itself is caught between knowing and learning
Thank my momma for the solid
I know myself better than ever
I've only just scratched the surface
May my appreciation be observed through many verses
Jan 2017 · 191
Naked as Souls
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Sentiment settled on something close to love
But found the weight of endeavors just heavy enough
Barely a thought above water
Treaded the dreaded commitment, swam the distance, Between a lover and the mere drive to want her
Animalistic as it is
I've evolved only so far to *******, meaning in a moment that calls for it
I'll rise like fault lines met true expression
Completely lost to a word worthy until it's been written
I said it loud and clear
Loves resurrected
Hour glass holds the key and the breath like you're form, more deadly than the very fall from the dream you shook awake
The daylight holds not a candle to yours
In the midnight like stars that permeate this darkness
Hearts sit just above horizons
And the mere static between is intoxicant to toxic
Sentiment settled the nerves like tea leaves
Saying romance comes in varied growth
Souls when bared naked
Cannot be unseen
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Together we sat silent at a traffic light, vibrations of travels under the foot of an after-site
Had it afforded the culture wits to make a major change
To move from the city to suburbias exits where the edges are less frayed
Blessed with less madness
Given to more space
But as the envious green shown white eyes of a head on
Collisions of reality
I realize the muses of the metropolis watch over us
Prodding advancements in the language
With a nod
Continuing the movements of those songs long sung in our youth
When young men were royalty, raised to stand head strong
To which we still claim loyalty
I am in love with a woman I call clarity, flirt with connection and lay it down casually
But I play it cool to woo her
A player never lets on
Dec 2016 · 370
Ever seen a stone bloom?
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Common place we masquerade in the light, when aligned right
Inspiration shows a fairer view
There's a canvas in every staircase
Documenting the basic human life
Unbearable solace comes unannounced
Resurrection of real talk floods the avenue
Old Bloods make room for the young ones
Knowing every generation counts
Commotion may pause
I'm allowed
To walk through
I lean when I pass because of earned place
It's well known, when writing
I'm consumed
Lyrical I deliver truths open minded in a closed space
Been the reborn force in a puddle
Saw my reflection unfazed in a monsoon
Outlined the losses with chalk, talk about those lost like legends
When in reality that is peace we are all due
Outstretched arms traced
A border on spilt maroon
Tear jerkers that flinch, when you're hesitant
Stone face for a moment
Then they got you
On the surface a milestone to gain an inch of momentum
If a green leaf speaks of a future
You better plant a seed somewhere protected from the weather and concrete
I have never seen a stone bloom
Dec 2016 · 190
Grandmama's juice
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Tough to let go of the lessons I learned in the ghetto, my grandma taught me city water is tainted, filled with the heavy metals
Don't let them see you wilted, go out and get a filter
They try to slow your education
Used to watch her thumb through the pages, used to swear by the paper
TVs lie she said, she didn't care for how they talk
The **** they pettle
Pretty foreign dialect from where she came from
She used to say baby, the sweetest juice
Get squeezed from the fruits of your labor
Hate to hear me talk about a rap career
Asked me how one dreams of being caught under a label?
Independence is a strength
Ain't **** to fear
Besides, in her day real poetry was soft on her ears
She'll still go to church on Sundays
Barely a believer
Comes home and will drink you under the table
She might stumble to bed, but she still hold her head high and graceful
I often woke to piano when the bills weren't paid
We'd read sheet music-by the candle light
No excuse for ****** grades
Life is about hope
She won't stand to see that vandalized
She told me she really hate rap
What if it help me feed my kids that she can get down with that
Dec 2016 · 200
StaticNSage Dec 2016
I own my indelible indifference to authority
My world is beautiful
The scenery is ugly, you have no idea what the struggle cost me
Got me a dented identity
And addicted to legacy
I think long on a distant father
In order
To promise my children more I walk them the long way to the farmers market
For fresher products
Past Harvard
Saying never let you're position be handed down, see I'm invested
Impressions made like breath on the library window
Watch them future doctors
You can either run ****
Or work for them, you can earn it
Or beg for the dollar
That don't make no sense
Like I said
I take very serious care with my hard earned intelligence
It's not in every soul that I invest
StaticNSage Dec 2016
There is a portrait
Sketched in aerosol color of blood, gently preaching love
Every day I've passed it asking myself where it was
Years later
A local artist calls himself Truth, added a dove
Mostly white except grey letters that say
"No dreams left behind, no hopes shunned"
I am not much more than the legacy or signage saying welcome to the 6-1-7, peace to Huntington
We are where little more than where we're coming from
I always figured if I paint a picture
Call it poetry
When I needed a rhythm
I'd listen to the avenue grind and hum
You can title it a documentary, but the thought alone reminds me of a homie who said you are buried beneath hate only
He moved away to Jamaica Plain with his lady
She a trap queen
He called it escaping, all I really saw for enlightenment was tail lights
And I was never one to run
Asked if me and my family would follow
I said I would holla soon
Haven't spoke in some time
Funny to find
The red letters are bold as ever
Even as the walls surrounding dulled
The avenue still grinds to the familiar tune
StaticNSage Dec 2016
I don't dabble in quotes undeniably fresh I broke ground when I wrote
Fault lines leak from the throat
Deep in the flesh
Scar the soul
But still take the fifth over the *******
I can smell where I sit
Some expressions shouldn't be expressed
Lit some inscents, crack a window
The world ****** me inseminated artificial, so the room reeks of ***
You could of warned me before you came though
I was asked why I don't get a vasectomy, I replied
Why fix what ain't broke?
If a saint was to lie..would that be considered a blessing in disguise?
Pencil pushed in my direction, my mortgage was late
Ain't that something
Too broke to buy myself an alibi
Experience tells me it's coming
But it's not midnight yet
I got a right to reserve the light like my sky was cursed
The dusk set or crept
I forget what broke through first
I wasn't born I was invented in temperature melted steel from a chariot let it carry you you could carry it farther
If I had a father
Had it been different, had I had some kind of appeal
That's a variable
I was a controlled sample
But out of it
Dangerous beyond a point I can compare it to
Vultures circled the intolerance
I was not acknowledged but taught the strength in silence
I never listen, that's the science
In one ear and out the other
My mother the worlds biggest hypocrite
Once said, never ask for more than you can handle
Then failed to commit
And still delivered my crew of baby brothers
She looked me in the eye
She walked away saying I tried
Makes me wonder
If a saint was to lie..would that be considered a blessing in disguise?
StaticNSage Dec 2016
My man and another who was once a friend to me but ended up an enemy over complications
Used to be my brother
We were conversating on our past court cases and long lost lovers
As one does as days pass
Some we recall and others fictitious, for entertainment basis
It was negative now looking back
After all
We came to the conclusion the only education we embrace is
The knowledge of freedom due to time incarcerated
The only lesson we can grasp
Primitive thoughts lack direction
Meaning, they **** at navigation
Sail a moment of hope into a masked land mass
And ignorance blames the placement
Blood always runs thicker than water, even in the rivers that rose to flood
Took the path of some resistance
You always fear loss, if you've ever lost what you love
So don't break cypher with negativity that's the metaphorical equivalent of a cashed blunt
Keep it real
Keep the front porch comforts close to you're heart
The only passions we lose contact with are the ones that we conceal
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Really tried to run the hardest, like some kind of poor mans Sean Carter,
Until I took a look
Out of body, like a shadow
Stood beside it
Was unwise
That thinking is less savage and all the time more similar to garbage
It's all lies
Some grow but never harvest, humble is best saved or put aside for the modest
More likely, the world will turn you out
I will throw shade like a forest too deep for the garden
Grass fed conundrums fed with a water spout
Like the world was placed below the stars because it's easier to take it
And I am flush with fresh thought, but I am not worth the capita
Haven't lived long enough to make it
I've survived the epic tales of shear wonder, how's a man born of below average beginnings gonna enjoy peaceful slumber?
Sleep belies dying
Or least lays under cover when dreams are the closest relative of success you've ever heard of
You partake to doze numb
Like three fingers and an ambien, that's mine
What's you're sleep number?
StaticNSage Dec 2016
You can't change the world if you think just like the others, simple and plain
But just the same
You can't reach a single soul if you can't formulate to their ears
Whatever it is you have to say
All languages revolve around passions and beliefs
Stances you might die for
Which deserve their fair share of the blame
I came out prepared for the worst
Carried eight months
Then gave me away
Rather than give way to disdain, I came to love the place where I lay
Shadows I graced
Poor as a prayer, jewels in my lifespan I handle with care
Abandoned on one hand, palms turned over as if to claim
Here lies a path to something bigger, better, willing to share
Maybe the world deserves change
Gentle with you're coercions, hard after the knowledge you crave
Weened on written word that's why mine draws circles round yours, forget the idioms you heard
Theories you brave
I first learned the talk from the curb
Learned the walk in the heat of commotion, caught the bug from the verse
I was going to be somebody
One day, I'm gonna turn the world
But inevitable
It will spin with or without my input
Whether it is or isn't spurred
Love comes gradually, in all actuality it may be the furnace for the third eye that burns
You can't change the world if you think just like the others, simple and plain
But just the same
You can't reach a single soul if you can't formulate to their ears
Whatever it is you have to say
Dec 2016 · 178
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Slept the slumber of exhausted thought process and still came out numbed and humbled to the prospects
Higher living is imagined in cloudiest view form and hard as ever to earn, I could have nothing or everything
Given the chance to perform
I'd share what I've learned
Had it given gifts of light and had it taken by needy individuals revolting for their own lot in life
I'm talking revolution in looting
And sinners with spite, noseless sight seeing and forests that block trees
I've walked long enough for the vantage point
Poked the bear to bleed
Patched the relativity with a higher power I find awkwardly daunting
The back and forth of ****'em but save me in the moment is all together haunting
A never ending melodic type of heathens dance
When all I'm saying, is take a deep breath, right?
And give peace a chance
Dec 2016 · 219
StaticNSage Dec 2016
I'm flattered I'm worth the effort to forget
But love, I've never been more enhanced than in definitive fashion
You should see the structure standing
Too hard to handle
Too much to get a hand on
Silence speaks of a melody
You have to arch a back like sweet memories, to get appropriate traction
Dec 2016 · 181
Bowie said it Best
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Bowie said it best, we passed upon the stairs
I'm that breed of Cat try to keep it evenly Stevens, meaning my mindset
Is pampered and bared
Handled with care
Centered like Yusef
She said have we met, unprepared
This masterpiece shared a glare reserved I heard the rhythm simplistic only words she spared
Gentle as a baby's breath, educated
That was quite clear
I left her with an open question
You believe in infatuation, if I loved you to death?
Would the future appear
To be decorated
I could lean on you, like over-compensation
She brought me to completion with simple conversation
Plus she radiant
As men, find the fear of love is real
This type of light
Won't let it in, let it disappear
But Bowie said it best, we passed upon the stairs
Inspiration in the female form
Fell for it, she spoke like chorus as she flipped my script in that moment
I admit it, speechless
That's rare
Dec 2016 · 244
Father:Son ratio
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Smoke plumes diverge first on humanity
In the vacuum of relativity
Speak no evil
Abandon vanity
In the name of created flesh let's purge cursed profanity
Scribbled scribed the language without tact, profess the profane
It's chalk bordered a casualty when actually bitten bullets are vitamins for the majority
They won't tell you, you are not alone
The shadows fall on the sunny side gradually
Granted, every dog sniffs a bone
But fall just the same
They'd sell you a soul if you'd pay the tax annually
Asphyxiate a voice manually, with only verbs to gain
Throat totes the only fear to fear is the fear of shame
Accused versions of deities disappear repeatedly
Kingdom came unfiltered
Child was raised estranged
Dec 2016 · 379
Dream catchers
StaticNSage Dec 2016
I was born upon a devils eye, dream caught the leveled pride
Rubble formed the sheltered sides
High enough to blot the sky
Darkened, seas parted for momentary wants
Then forgotten
Without it, thumbed the many miles when I was too tired for walking
Red handed
Thieved the other side, or at least paint a picture to plagiarize
Gave it the college try
Failed at exposure as well as suicide
When it was do or die
In the view of the truest eyes
Mirrors, never blink or lie
I am what I am
You are what the earth decides
Dec 2016 · 261
Today's loving..9 mo. Later
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Opinion of the other side
How come people in poverties realm constantly multiply
Last year in Boston alone too many neighbors died
At the hands held that moral depression
Theres a hope in every child
I hope that answers it clearly, efforts to rebuild
Oasis in depression
Poetry in regression my inspiration needs a refill
Cussing to bullet point the finer line of the message
You get it? If not, in time you will
Real people feel the weight of real stressing
You ever feed you're family on respect
When it only takes peace signs to count you're blessings
I'm out
My family is beautiful, the type that holds you're breath
No doubt
Some days I can't breathe like word of mouth
I walk the shorties through the motherland like a daily routine
Reality is killing me, drop them off to knowledge
Beg them
Don't forget to dream
These hustlers **** you're born diamond shine
Watch our humanity of human race compromise, I want to Phoenix ash rise, the last man standing
You can see the future
Playing out in my children's eyes
I'm straight praying that playing field ain't too damaged
Dec 2016 · 159
StaticNSage Dec 2016
They say it takes a man or a village to teach manhood if someone's willing
I was the child begs to differ, be the devil to the advocate
Having never had it
I see it backwards
Always saw it, I was shown more than raised
Is this not our America
Opportunities take a proof of identity to claim
Unsure of my legacy
I thought nothing to ****** the past
And change my last name
Better built weight connected to Proverbial chains
Hide to seek a higher place
This was never a game
Potential lends its beauty to piracy
Meaning I reach for my enlightenment only to find it hides behind me
Stop hiding and show you're face
StaticNSage Dec 2016
How was I supposed to know
I thought loving wasn't possible, you coax the words
Fingers down my throat
I've been real
Really faithful, love made was intense but tasteful
When we was dead broke you were all sugar and magnolia
I was beyond grateful
Got a lifetime to waste
I always make it home
For home grown beauty I say grace across the table
Thank the gods who stopped production mode when they made you
Broke the mold
Long legs and living proof that falling comes graceful
When you fall for the soul
Always on the bill withers tip every time you gone
Thinking this explains the blues
So I wrote you a song, you always said Sunday's are best spent best dressed I said we should drop it all
You should share, cuz you so blessed
Playing the players role was hopeless, you had it like a bird in the hand
But refined what?
Woman know she finer, I was grinding when she met me letting the street speak for my pride
The stop signs in eyes shine when they stumbled across my bride what?
She know she shine, touches the very edges and softens it like the coastline
How was I supposed to know
I thought devotion was another word for impossible, I was defied in my youth
Abandonment until I came across you
Mixed intrigue with want too
You were a Phoenix from the projects
Well known dance major
In bostons college of art, I was just starving and posturing hard
You broke or splintered the mask and designed the new facade
Unequaled what?
You are the light that rose just to blind
That's a far cry, long way from where my father told me marriage is suicide
But that's what you can expect from absence
She said, she'd like to take my name
I said
You can have it
Keep it for the rest of you're life
Dec 2016 · 203
Theme song
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Money talks that's true
Poverty is known to shout
They say fear is all we need to duck here
You tell yourself
**** man
Try going without
That's a horror show
Closed books on forgotten shelves
One day
The script writes itself
Call it common folk
Just another lost light misplaced the original in the mist of a long life
I'm tired
I'm not myself, I've exhausted all my avenues
It's costly to talk like I've given in
I would cross over
If the bridge were lit
I forget my place
I'll fade forgotten once it's my time the world turns
Furies pace
As my head spins, damaging the handwritten art on canvases
I keep a candle lit,
Pen bled remembrance as I brandished it
Hard to stay on a sovereign thought
That's sobering, like running out of private stock
Spilling out you're liquor
The cascade of dreams is where the plot got thicker
Life's always been a *****, so of course I'm obsessed with her
I was the rarest in the section 8, to take with me both potential and diploma was highlighted gifted in the second grade
Climbing mountains
Pause, explanation is I came up hard so I'll probably fall
And when I'm dead and gone
I leave behind a legacy and indentations on the landing spot
You can record the aftershock
Call it my theme song
Dec 2016 · 528
Umbrellas in a brainstorm
StaticNSage Dec 2016
So introverted no one heard it
I got existential
My man said *******'re thoughts
Ignorance and jealousy gets perverted
So let it go, it's useless
Besides, the medicine is already rolled
Anyways I walk with a crew too thin to get deep
Wise men walk in threes
Protection is needed to get home
I walk with a chip and a heavy heart
Makes it ever harder to breathe
My man said get you're head right, the words formed
Poetry evolved though I never did intend to
He said he didn't understand me
I said better yet
You need to see to believe
Hard to imagine knowing what we've been through
Poor circumstances breed survival that's a fact you can see in the winters cold
Today's fresh start is part of yesterday's mural painted as the gallery closed
So I wake with a fresh water splash I can feel the revitalization from the soul to my toes
I could admit to the doubts
But the patron to the fam, should never let it be known
I came in the door wearing the humidity of another wage week
Weekends are the oasis to the poor
Drink the collected flavors
Roll up under umbrellas
While I share with you my latest brainstorm
Dec 2016 · 197
Blew a kiss
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Rumor is
As it sits, the peace of first light
Blew forth a whispered kiss
The rhythm of images ancient in brotherhoods and syndicates
I felt it rise with the wind
Like ******* from rear view opinions
What's been known here forever
Hasn't been spoken again since I can't recall when
I can't recall the steepest failure that didn't fall on backs of weak men
In the aftermath it's madness that drowns out the anthem
And any and all efforts made to repent
Represent or simply rot where you landed
The foundation of art, the artist and the looped soundtrack of the heart
Hot **** fell from the skies where the belly swells as well as the beast
Got the taste of the spark
Same songs roll on by within the vehicles
I know the feeling
I've carried the verse silently when the vocal chord is marred
Something beautiful outlines this human design
We all wear the stretched poetry of skin, Misinformed pen that cultivated the line
Under parenthesis to hide
Quote me
Rumor is
As it bends, the fabrics stitched to life
Lays most peaceful in the wane of tired light
It blew me a kiss
Divine for a moment
I felt it rise with the wind
Dec 2016 · 192
StaticNSage Dec 2016
The shroud shrugged indifference for the fifth pled running
The city spoke no evils
The faithful saw not coming
It's simple math taught in the equations of want multiplied by what's owed us
Or sought repentance in the jeweled but false idles too heavy to keep their composure
So in its essence the weight of gold is measured in indulgence
We're talking hungry bellies that feed on opportunity when it's caught in the open
For tomorrow's are a calendars comic strip reminder
But the chorus sings the tune to say stay hopeful
Hope is ignorance and intoxicants bliss, it's the visible thoughts choked out that make the urban air unmistakably thick
Demonstrations take place without reference
I watch from a distance in a free speech sales pitch that costs more than division
I can't see clearly where we bloom
And what's withered
It's all tension, with failure to launch in codes or tongues
Too swollen to mention
We've been here, marched upon each other with arms bore with intention
But beware the lower denomination
We've been killing ourselves to survive long enough that another skirmish barely grants our attention
That's a warning, given a sliver of silver lining
Wore on the sleeve our hearts that speak humid truths
That hang chained to our likeness
To shine on regardless
Open to expression, no doubt I can see the attraction to a distracting necklace
Dec 2016 · 286
Low income housing
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Coming from poverty by design, bloodline on the outside
Cold hearted world offers little in the way of placement
Home son, I was told is what you make it
I made a promise to myself early to better my living arrangements
Hostility in the homeland broke the best and huddled the rest
Is it really better?
What was then a haven has become the slums the government doesn't see the point in saving
Displacing everyone, non-discriminatory meaning they **** any and all races
The projects unfinished
Supposed to be stepping stone temporary digs though some never made it out
The image faded out
Cave em in,
Raze it, redevelopment
Resurrection is the aim of betterment
Hear the hatred in my cadences
There goes the neighborhood to micro brews and vape toting middle age
Dousche bags and ironic hat patronage
Grandmama left Brooklyn
Saying **** ain't been the same since the hipsters took it
Where's the history? Look at the back bay nothing ethnic left in the marketplace
Fairy tales are rarely destiny
Not every step leads to promenades some only bring you closer to misery
As for me
I'm no longer in need but the thought of the hunger is not escaping me
My sagest dreams faded in static clouded space
In other words
I'm losing sleep
My conscience is a ******* thief, crooked like the reason my gramma don't play her numbers
Unlucky heard in symphony
We took the scars with open arms with the promise of a fortune she most likely won't live to see
When I bought my humble home and hung a diploma carefully it meant more than blood
We sweat no tears, expectations fallen over the past years
I promised
It's all open pastures if we just make it past here
Dec 2016 · 312
StaticNSage Dec 2016
I caught my man panhandling I handed him my last thread of common sense, he only wanted the dollar
That's all I had left, reds an ugly number
Sensitivity is rarer than ever when you can barely feed you're kids on those old vendettas
I bought a bottom level house when the promise of higher living was brighter than sun setters
Told my girl we'd be living better
Now her head wrap, look like Erykah and I stole the fabric from the thrift shop, the irony did not register
Ain't no love in the struggle
Even less in hip hop
But I'll keep ******* around with **** until my ******* mix tape pops
Dec 2016 · 150
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Thought crowned the kingdom
Running through the options, been at it long enough now
If I wanted to
Not sure I could stop it
Wisdom tells me for every second gained
You can count on third losses
These thoughts I hold onto are as old as north Boston
Suppose it's closer than ever or over populated
The oasis has faded again devastated the canvas before the ink ever sank in
Damaged the skin
Making it difficult to drift off in all reality I've held much beauty but at impossible costs
To find I too succumb to mortality
Had I known then what I know now
Had I slowed down on my effort to break ground I may of known what love was
Not every depression is a valley
Without peaks every song is just static
Dying words dissolve as it passes had it been properly displayed we'd get the message
Thought crushed the kingdom
Running fingers over the wreckage stop to discover the relics
Without commonality
What is left to make sense of?
Dec 2016 · 149
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Blink your eyes three times to find a muse, The city desolate but may afford you immaculate views
Surprised to see the light loom over tenements
Read left to right sedative tunes to smell the rose that grew
Better yet
Broke through
What's the keys to elegance?
A beauty both functional and relevant
Like bright colors strewn again concrete canvas taking dictation on unwritten rules
Like respect you're cypher forever
The love felt for each other held the shape together
We're talking full circle, heard the morning song partner up with a cities dying slumber
Another shadow on the move
The lack of familiar familial faces brace yourself on loneliness
The first sign exposing this world as it changes
The words that romance the stone, have drunk double vision aim as you say them
Remember to say it three times to bring forth descendants
How you rep you're avenue without knowledge for who they named it?
Dec 2016 · 212
Eaves Drop
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Listened to the eaves drop the chorus
Someone muttered there's no future involved
Lost the shine on the language spoken standing right before us
Dark as the underbelly of foreign forests
Bottoms where the light dissolves
I thought I caught the meaning but didn't dare feign importance
Being but a seed misplaced
A common legacy
Blind searching the earth compulsive turning to refine some severed energy
While the flame slaves to stay burning
I found a stoop genius talking on some metaphorical memory
Otherwise illusionary
Polished but costs more than ever
Never has it had such a brash voice, poised to revolt again
We either walk upright by choice
Or carry that weight bent
Pessimistic and paranoid profits talking tongue in cheek meanwhile keep digits primed in you're pockets
It's ancient the force fed taste of pride in you're area code
The thought along of dying here leaves me nauseous
I'm determined to flip a script for mine with knowledge
Listened to the eaves drop the chorus
Someone muttered there's no future involved
Lost the shine on the language spoken standing right before us
Dec 2016 · 149
Early morning train
StaticNSage Dec 2016
You would think upon waking, it's only light  rises when it needs reason
It's not that easy
Just ask the first night that tripped and it and fell
Evidence was the exit wound moon and swelled tunes I heard on transit tomb travels, buried strewn tracks or scars hardly carved before the green line beneath us moved
I felt awakened myself
From a downtown canopy where steel looms, lurks and you can only dodge the truth if you see it first
So I put some warnings in the verse and every day return to the march of you're death or to the essence of you're punitive work
Progress put into reverse
No doubt that's the straw that brings us back to perverse
Or the news you heard on the message board called the other side, bigger figures or big business
They put ugliness in beautiful colors and clever words, I read graffiti on the bridge
Saying "**** the city" to which I replied
The pleasures all hers
Dec 2016 · 178
StaticNSage Dec 2016
Conflicts better left for diamonds ***** with dried blood
I've had enough of the violence between seemingly heartless folks on a come up and their mothers native sons
I've been walking round here numb since the summer of '91
When you see too much young, it looks like squinting to catch a glimpse of a
setting sun
Pockets lump, class C like a status symbol, the difference between top to bottom rung is relatively simple
List the individuals who we get the rank from, those who get on board, those who get got and the rest forever labeled no ones
The cost of living becomes smoke to the nostrils, essential herbs burn and my eyes water
I had the thought process once of a born to rot martyr
Without a cause death brings no honor, it's all losses
That's the mantra
Another dealer in a corner or a liquor store start up, and my whole neighborhood is thick in the woods
Other words
They hard up
They say troubles pass and this too can't last but I started questioning the facts behind the poetry in that
See I could work a dope spot and pay back debts yet profits on the dollar don't make no sense
Don't act like a thinker like me can't add up the truths in percents, and the unschooled learned some **** foreign to most post grad *** lauds with all due respect
For the first in a lifetime we play by the rules, those who sing get no love
That's the word, that's the hymn
Bucks shots on the concrete and when the blues roll up
No one sees a thing
What I mean is it's hard to see any reason to believe my starving art could paint me into a new scene
I'm a fool to expect it, this exodus for the rest of us restless on the present precipice or cliff face
Calling it change
I've lived in a nightmare well before sleeping
I'm saying
Let's all move on From here, stop the star gazing
Dec 2016 · 168
The sun rose
StaticNSage Dec 2016
The sun rose over the city like ******* exposed, my residence last night was impressively wild but silent come the vocalization of this poem
The beauty laying next to me sleeps peacefully and with every breath her chest dances in my head like a memory naturally
I had to think it over, my lover barely ever makes it past the skylines synapses though she captures its image with pastels and written passages
With reflective emotions she's mastered the narrative
Brains that out brawn a sweet *** so I married it, carries it from the circumstance we're in to the hopes we continue brandishing
She moves all of Bohemia
Living cleaner is the movement put away the swine for spiritual improvement
Every inch perfection, Beauty knows no exclusion so suitable to carry my future within
Live long to prosper
There's a lifetime to spend intense loving left the remnants like inscents essential smoke and caught breath
Within us so blessed
Let's love more and talk less

— The End —