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Dec 2016
Common place we masquerade in the light, when aligned right
Inspiration shows a fairer view
There's a canvas in every staircase
Documenting the basic human life
Unbearable solace comes unannounced
Resurrection of real talk floods the avenue
Old Bloods make room for the young ones
Knowing every generation counts
Commotion may pause
I'm allowed
To walk through
I lean when I pass because of earned place
It's well known, when writing
I'm consumed
Lyrical I deliver truths open minded in a closed space
Been the reborn force in a puddle
Saw my reflection unfazed in a monsoon
Outlined the losses with chalk, talk about those lost like legends
When in reality that is peace we are all due
Outstretched arms traced
A border on spilt maroon
Tear jerkers that flinch, when you're hesitant
Stone face for a moment
Then they got you
On the surface a milestone to gain an inch of momentum
If a green leaf speaks of a future
You better plant a seed somewhere protected from the weather and concrete
I have never seen a stone bloom
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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