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Dec 2016
So introverted no one heard it
I got existential
My man said *******'re thoughts
Ignorance and jealousy gets perverted
So let it go, it's useless
Besides, the medicine is already rolled
Anyways I walk with a crew too thin to get deep
Wise men walk in threes
Protection is needed to get home
I walk with a chip and a heavy heart
Makes it ever harder to breathe
My man said get you're head right, the words formed
Poetry evolved though I never did intend to
He said he didn't understand me
I said better yet
You need to see to believe
Hard to imagine knowing what we've been through
Poor circumstances breed survival that's a fact you can see in the winters cold
Today's fresh start is part of yesterday's mural painted as the gallery closed
So I wake with a fresh water splash I can feel the revitalization from the soul to my toes
I could admit to the doubts
But the patron to the fam, should never let it be known
I came in the door wearing the humidity of another wage week
Weekends are the oasis to the poor
Drink the collected flavors
Roll up under umbrellas
While I share with you my latest brainstorm
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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