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Dec 2016
I don't dabble in quotes undeniably fresh I broke ground when I wrote
Fault lines leak from the throat
Deep in the flesh
Scar the soul
But still take the fifth over the *******
I can smell where I sit
Some expressions shouldn't be expressed
Lit some inscents, crack a window
The world ****** me inseminated artificial, so the room reeks of ***
You could of warned me before you came though
I was asked why I don't get a vasectomy, I replied
Why fix what ain't broke?
If a saint was to lie..would that be considered a blessing in disguise?
Pencil pushed in my direction, my mortgage was late
Ain't that something
Too broke to buy myself an alibi
Experience tells me it's coming
But it's not midnight yet
I got a right to reserve the light like my sky was cursed
The dusk set or crept
I forget what broke through first
I wasn't born I was invented in temperature melted steel from a chariot let it carry you you could carry it farther
If I had a father
Had it been different, had I had some kind of appeal
That's a variable
I was a controlled sample
But out of it
Dangerous beyond a point I can compare it to
Vultures circled the intolerance
I was not acknowledged but taught the strength in silence
I never listen, that's the science
In one ear and out the other
My mother the worlds biggest hypocrite
Once said, never ask for more than you can handle
Then failed to commit
And still delivered my crew of baby brothers
She looked me in the eye
She walked away saying I tried
Makes me wonder
If a saint was to lie..would that be considered a blessing in disguise?
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
   Doug Potter
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