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Dec 2016
You would think upon waking, it's only light  rises when it needs reason
It's not that easy
Just ask the first night that tripped and it and fell
Evidence was the exit wound moon and swelled tunes I heard on transit tomb travels, buried strewn tracks or scars hardly carved before the green line beneath us moved
I felt awakened myself
From a downtown canopy where steel looms, lurks and you can only dodge the truth if you see it first
So I put some warnings in the verse and every day return to the march of you're death or to the essence of you're punitive work
Progress put into reverse
No doubt that's the straw that brings us back to perverse
Or the news you heard on the message board called the other side, bigger figures or big business
They put ugliness in beautiful colors and clever words, I read graffiti on the bridge
Saying "**** the city" to which I replied
The pleasures all hers
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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