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Dec 2016
The sun rose over the city like ******* exposed, my residence last night was impressively wild but silent come the vocalization of this poem
The beauty laying next to me sleeps peacefully and with every breath her chest dances in my head like a memory naturally
I had to think it over, my lover barely ever makes it past the skylines synapses though she captures its image with pastels and written passages
With reflective emotions she's mastered the narrative
Brains that out brawn a sweet *** so I married it, carries it from the circumstance we're in to the hopes we continue brandishing
She moves all of Bohemia
Living cleaner is the movement put away the swine for spiritual improvement
Every inch perfection, Beauty knows no exclusion so suitable to carry my future within
Live long to prosper
There's a lifetime to spend intense loving left the remnants like inscents essential smoke and caught breath
Within us so blessed
Let's love more and talk less
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
     ---, ---, --- and Azaria
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