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Dec 2016
Money talks that's true
Poverty is known to shout
They say fear is all we need to duck here
You tell yourself
**** man
Try going without
That's a horror show
Closed books on forgotten shelves
One day
The script writes itself
Call it common folk
Just another lost light misplaced the original in the mist of a long life
I'm tired
I'm not myself, I've exhausted all my avenues
It's costly to talk like I've given in
I would cross over
If the bridge were lit
I forget my place
I'll fade forgotten once it's my time the world turns
Furies pace
As my head spins, damaging the handwritten art on canvases
I keep a candle lit,
Pen bled remembrance as I brandished it
Hard to stay on a sovereign thought
That's sobering, like running out of private stock
Spilling out you're liquor
The cascade of dreams is where the plot got thicker
Life's always been a *****, so of course I'm obsessed with her
I was the rarest in the section 8, to take with me both potential and diploma was highlighted gifted in the second grade
Climbing mountains
Pause, explanation is I came up hard so I'll probably fall
And when I'm dead and gone
I leave behind a legacy and indentations on the landing spot
You can record the aftershock
Call it my theme song
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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