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Dec 2016
The shroud shrugged indifference for the fifth pled running
The city spoke no evils
The faithful saw not coming
It's simple math taught in the equations of want multiplied by what's owed us
Or sought repentance in the jeweled but false idles too heavy to keep their composure
So in its essence the weight of gold is measured in indulgence
We're talking hungry bellies that feed on opportunity when it's caught in the open
For tomorrow's are a calendars comic strip reminder
But the chorus sings the tune to say stay hopeful
Hope is ignorance and intoxicants bliss, it's the visible thoughts choked out that make the urban air unmistakably thick
Demonstrations take place without reference
I watch from a distance in a free speech sales pitch that costs more than division
I can't see clearly where we bloom
And what's withered
It's all tension, with failure to launch in codes or tongues
Too swollen to mention
We've been here, marched upon each other with arms bore with intention
But beware the lower denomination
We've been killing ourselves to survive long enough that another skirmish barely grants our attention
That's a warning, given a sliver of silver lining
Wore on the sleeve our hearts that speak humid truths
That hang chained to our likeness
To shine on regardless
Open to expression, no doubt I can see the attraction to a distracting necklace
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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