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Dec 2016
Conflicts better left for diamonds ***** with dried blood
I've had enough of the violence between seemingly heartless folks on a come up and their mothers native sons
I've been walking round here numb since the summer of '91
When you see too much young, it looks like squinting to catch a glimpse of a
setting sun
Pockets lump, class C like a status symbol, the difference between top to bottom rung is relatively simple
List the individuals who we get the rank from, those who get on board, those who get got and the rest forever labeled no ones
The cost of living becomes smoke to the nostrils, essential herbs burn and my eyes water
I had the thought process once of a born to rot martyr
Without a cause death brings no honor, it's all losses
That's the mantra
Another dealer in a corner or a liquor store start up, and my whole neighborhood is thick in the woods
Other words
They hard up
They say troubles pass and this too can't last but I started questioning the facts behind the poetry in that
See I could work a dope spot and pay back debts yet profits on the dollar don't make no sense
Don't act like a thinker like me can't add up the truths in percents, and the unschooled learned some **** foreign to most post grad *** lauds with all due respect
For the first in a lifetime we play by the rules, those who sing get no love
That's the word, that's the hymn
Bucks shots on the concrete and when the blues roll up
No one sees a thing
What I mean is it's hard to see any reason to believe my starving art could paint me into a new scene
I'm a fool to expect it, this exodus for the rest of us restless on the present precipice or cliff face
Calling it change
I've lived in a nightmare well before sleeping
I'm saying
Let's all move on From here, stop the star gazing
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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