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Dec 2016
How was I supposed to know
I thought loving wasn't possible, you coax the words
Fingers down my throat
I've been real
Really faithful, love made was intense but tasteful
When we was dead broke you were all sugar and magnolia
I was beyond grateful
Got a lifetime to waste
I always make it home
For home grown beauty I say grace across the table
Thank the gods who stopped production mode when they made you
Broke the mold
Long legs and living proof that falling comes graceful
When you fall for the soul
Always on the bill withers tip every time you gone
Thinking this explains the blues
So I wrote you a song, you always said Sunday's are best spent best dressed I said we should drop it all
You should share, cuz you so blessed
Playing the players role was hopeless, you had it like a bird in the hand
But refined what?
Woman know she finer, I was grinding when she met me letting the street speak for my pride
The stop signs in eyes shine when they stumbled across my bride what?
She know she shine, touches the very edges and softens it like the coastline
How was I supposed to know
I thought devotion was another word for impossible, I was defied in my youth
Abandonment until I came across you
Mixed intrigue with want too
You were a Phoenix from the projects
Well known dance major
In bostons college of art, I was just starving and posturing hard
You broke or splintered the mask and designed the new facade
Unequaled what?
You are the light that rose just to blind
That's a far cry, long way from where my father told me marriage is suicide
But that's what you can expect from absence
She said, she'd like to take my name
I said
You can have it
Keep it for the rest of you're life
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
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