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Dec 2016
Rumor is
As it sits, the peace of first light
Blew forth a whispered kiss
The rhythm of images ancient in brotherhoods and syndicates
I felt it rise with the wind
Like ******* from rear view opinions
What's been known here forever
Hasn't been spoken again since I can't recall when
I can't recall the steepest failure that didn't fall on backs of weak men
In the aftermath it's madness that drowns out the anthem
And any and all efforts made to repent
Represent or simply rot where you landed
The foundation of art, the artist and the looped soundtrack of the heart
Hot **** fell from the skies where the belly swells as well as the beast
Got the taste of the spark
Same songs roll on by within the vehicles
I know the feeling
I've carried the verse silently when the vocal chord is marred
Something beautiful outlines this human design
We all wear the stretched poetry of skin, Misinformed pen that cultivated the line
Under parenthesis to hide
Quote me
Rumor is
As it bends, the fabrics stitched to life
Lays most peaceful in the wane of tired light
It blew me a kiss
Divine for a moment
I felt it rise with the wind
Written by
StaticNSage  Melnea Cass Boulevard
(Melnea Cass Boulevard)   
   Keith Edward Baucum and ---
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