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Sofie Apr 2020
Selflessness makes you bearable
That's why my shoulders touch ground
Whenever you are near
Sofie Nov 2020
I was too young to consider
that I was turning old
Days disappeared and we slept
Nearly never
I found peace in the night
And loneliness wouldn't dare to touch me
I felt every emotion and I was
Far too comfortable
Until the day when the sun settled
Above the clouds
I could no longer see her
I forced myself to believe in something else
Never been so frightened by
Looking in the mirror
Sofie Jun 2020
Hvor langt ser du
I afstand og i tid
Du kan svare
Men spørg ej selv
Du ved jo jeg er blind
I mørke og ikke mindst
For dit så skæve og
Uretfærdigt elskværdige sind
Sofie Apr 2020
We will never fit

For you are so incredibly square to me

For I protrude through every corner and every wall

In fact, I stick out in ways you will never understand

I cannot see nor recognize your box

And I never want to
Sofie Sep 2019
When I dream of you
You shine in bright yellow
And each stroke of light
Makes me weak to me knees
But I won’t ever land on roses
For my knees are bruised in blue
Yet my dream carries on
And it seems to never really end
But I won’t mind if only
I get to see you shine in bright yellow
Over and over again
Sofie Mar 2019
i said,
i could feel my heart breaking,
it was aching for months

he said,
love is just a chemical reaction,
it is all in your head

and suddenly i felt my heart
falling to pieces
all over again
Sofie Dec 2018
can you hear me
when I talk to the moon at night,
wishing you were doing the same

this is the time I need you to listen;
listen to my heart, calling your name
Sofie Aug 2021
Sofie Dec 2018
and now I know
that 'I love you'
was a lie
for cold hearts
only beat
to stay alive
You don't love me. A heart like yours doesn't love; it pumps blood.
Sofie Dec 2018
I let the devil
take my hand,
embrace my body,
kiss my mouth,
it was dangerous
but those lips
were too sweet
and now I feel
the threads of hell
pulling in again
because I don't know
right from wrong
so let me sin again,
see you again,
feel again,
for you are evil
in its purest form
that gives me
reason to regret
that I ever did good
Sofie Feb 2019
it is only right
if it feels like you're floating;
don't you go falling
Sofie Oct 2019
Et lys i et vindue
En hånd på en kind
Jeg mærker varme som kulde
Dit væsens hvirvelvind

Mon mørket lader sig overgive
Når lyset brændes til bund
Når du kærtegner mine læber
Kysser min mund

Et lys fra mit vindue
En ukendt profil
Jeg lader mørket være skillevæggen
Og natten vores mysterie

Du kigger uden at se
Og jeg er væk i et øjeblik
For netop det vi frygtede
Var sådan som det gik

Et lys i et vindue
Et fortrukket gardin
En endeløs nat
Og en dag vi aldrig fik
Sofie Nov 2019
It’s amazing
How it barely even touches
Yet it strikes like lightning
Every time
Sofie Dec 2018
a flower of beauty
I could never forget
bloomed the very first
moment we met

so I bought flower seeds
and I planted a few
for each hour and each day
I would spend loving you

as our love was in blossom
the flowers were too
now I've grown a floral garden  
dedicated to you
Sofie Dec 2018
we're foolish lovers
living a lie

we're foolish lovers
stuck in the past

we're fools
for trying
to love each other

for we both know
we're only
fooling ourselves

we're foolish lovers
bound to regret

that we're foolishly pretending
not to love
someone else
Sofie Feb 2019
for how long will
you remain your own
because you are too
to set yourself free,
to let yourself
be vulnerable,

for how long will
you continue to tolerate
the dimming
within your eyes,
the dust falling from
your heart
because you just
let love in?
Sofie Dec 2018
I'm not afraid to say goodbye -
the word feels numb on my tongue
for I've said it so many times
Sofie May 2019
i ask her why she stays out in the rain
yet my clothes are drenched in water
Sofie Jan 2020
Er det kærlighed
Eller bare et sørgerligt forsøg på at gøre jer bedre til mode
Fordi I begge er fortabte
Og syge i hovedet
Sofie Jun 2019
it feels amazing to let go
when the hand you held onto
was covered in thorns
Sofie Dec 2018
I let go of you
to gain myself back
Sofie Dec 2018
I fix my lipstick
He says, "no more!
with all that makeup,
you must be insecure"

I do my hair
He says, "what for?
it honestly looked better before"

I get my nails done
He says, "so fake,
you know, boys like it the natural way"

I'm sorry to inform you,
but I do this all for me,
so whatever you think about my looks,
I simply disagree

The makeup and the dress up,
it gives me so much joy,
so won't you please stop thinking
that I'd do this for a boy
Sofie Mar 2019
I feel your love,
your touch,
when the sun
chooses to shine,
my skin

I see your face,
your smile,
whenever I look
at my reflection
in the mirror

I hear your voice,
your unforgettable
as rain falls
melodically from

I remember the pain,
the unbearable
when I realized
I loved you
but I had to
let you go
Sofie Nov 2019
I love the pain
So I kiss the heartless
I see your eyes closed
Forever in vain

It tingles as it sounds
Creeps up on me from behind
Wish I could taste the bitterness
But it always feels so sweet

I will let it eat me
Every single bit of love
No matter how tough it gets
When you're gone, I long

I kiss the heartless
Because I love the pain
Though I dream of better days
It's forever in vain
Sofie Apr 2020
Whatever happens
I will say it repeatedly
Because you changed for me
You love me so generously
Sofie Oct 2020
I wish I was unbothered
Or careless or free
But all of those things
I’m afraid I could never be
Sofie Sep 2019
Menneskelig opløsning
Du kan ikke købe substans
Gid jeg kunne høre dig sige
Tag med til ingenmandsland
Sofie Jul 2020
I know I am
Thought I was
But the feelings keep coming
Tears of mine stay running
And I feel you see them,
Love them
More than me
I know you reach for them
And save me for later
Over and over again
And I seek someone who craves
And over
That are these feelings
Of living in the shadows
And being undeniably
For you
Sofie Oct 2021
If I have yet to love myself,
Do I not love you wholly?
Sofie Jan 2019
he feels the happiest during winter
the season where everything dies
for when everyone else is depressed
he gets a chance to feel somewhat alive
Sofie Jan 2019
He told me that when he looked at me,
he saw himself

Back then,
it made me smile

But now I've realized
that whenever our eyes met,
he was reminded of
what a broken soul
he actually was

I was the reason for his constant suffering
Sofie Dec 2018
I wonder  
what you
are dying
to say
but are
too scared
to tell
because maybe
just maybe
I feel
the same
Sofie Jan 2019
I still hear your voice, crying through the night
It echos in my head, saying 'I won't let go'
And the walls in my room creak with every tear
that falls from my cheek to my lips, tasting salty
Like the final kiss you placed so indifferently on me
while my heart was screaming 'please don't go',
words that my mouth was never able to tell
And now the night shares the story of us again,
so I listen foolishly to keep you a little closer,
for the promise you could never keep
was the one that made you stay
Sofie Jan 2019
a kiss from you
a touch of sunshine
to me
it feels the same
Sofie Dec 2018
i kissed you
not just once
but twice
because i somehow knew
this would be
our last goodbye
Sofie Sep 2020
You are a song,
a taste, a feeling
I see you everywhere
You surround my heart
At all times
And every single kiss
Leaves my lips numb
Still you are feeling
That I sense so strongly
You are a hurricane
My nostalgia
Sweet berries
Sour lemon
Pouring over me
Holding onto me
Please don't ever let go
Sofie Apr 2020
Tell me, what does this life have to offer me
Or what can I, myself, achieve from this existence
When all I feel is powerlessness
And everything I see is footmarks left by those
Who are far ahead of me
When I think that bliss belongs with love,
authenticity and freedom
Yet those emotions seems so incompatible
With this ironically lifeless life
Sofie Dec 2018
you've changed
like my dreams at night

they used to be sweet
now they're haunting me
Sofie Aug 2021
The more I lose,
the closer I get to myself
Sofie Sep 2020
I wrote a love poem
And it is yours to read
Just bare in mind
It is all about me
Sofie Jun 2020
I would fade away if it wasn't for you
Some days I can barely even recognize my face

Most of the time I think of myself as transparent
Which is far from satisfying if you once were
Midnight blue or
Burgundy red
Though when I look at you I see bright colors all over
And I think thats what keeps me alive through it all
Sofie Apr 2020
Sofie Jan 2019
i can see your smile;
as the sun above the clouds,
it shines from afar
I want to see you happy, and I know that you will be one day.
Sofie Feb 2020
My own existence exhausts me
Like my mind, I no longer feel free
I walk on low land but my legs are aching
Should I be able to carry all, even a heart this heavy?
Only at times I feel lighter; looking at your eyes
My love for you is unmeasurable
I hope you realize
Sofie Sep 2021
I will attract what I seek to be
I see miracles happening not too far from me
Sofie Dec 2018
i pinch myself
whenever it all feels
too good
to be true
and this time too
i woke up
from a night
dreaming of you
Sofie Mar 2019
you build a wall
they climb it
you piece it back
they break it

for they’ll always
want to know
what it is like
on the other side
Sofie Jan 2019
our love is a game
an everlasting war
that we can never win
for we are afraid
of caring too much
so we hide
and we quiet
it is a game
we are bound to lose
Sofie Dec 2018
I died

for you

you lived

for yourself
Sofie Apr 2020
how do we resist giving someone what they do not deserve?
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