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SMSVS Feb 2015
But darling, I do not
Think you're in love with

You're in love with the
Attention he gives you

You're in love with
What he thinks and what
He'd do for you

And Maybe
You're a bit too lonely
To see the difference

Between wants and needs
SMSVS Feb 2015
It's so ironic
how I look at you
hoping for you
to look back at me

but when our eyes meet
I look away
because I don't want you to
see how much I need you
  Jan 2015 SMSVS
If he tells you he loves you but doesn't ever prove it, let him go.
If he pushes you down more than he picks you up, let him go.
If he doesn't make you smile like he did the first time you saw him, let him go.
If he's the reason why your pillow is soaked with tears every night, let him go.
If he ever threatens to leave you because he doesn't get his way, let him go.
If he's cracking your heart a little more everyday, let him go.
If he makes her smile while you're sitting alone crying, let him go.
If he makes you hate yourself, let him go.
If he tries to change you, let him go.
If he forces you into things you don't want, let him go.
If he's the reason for the empty feeling in your chest, let him go.
If he leaves and comes back whenever he pleases, let him go.
If you've given him more than one chance and he ***** up again, let him go.

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes there's nothing else you can do. Yeah, I know you love him. You're more important, though. I promise that you will be okay without him. Don't let him drag you down no matter how much you love him because I guarantee he doesn't love you as much as he claims to.

  Jan 2015 SMSVS
eliza t
i sorta-kinda
in love

with *you
SMSVS Jan 2015
Staring out the windowpane
Trying to get rid of pain

Pain that once was joy from you
Now I'm thinking what to do

Never thought we'd fall apart
You got up and broke my heart

You walked out and said goodbye
Trying hard just not to cry

Thought we were the perfect two
but you left without a clue

Promised me a forever
Then left me for another.
SMSVS Jan 2015
I hate how you told me goodbye,
and thought I wouldn't cry.

I hate that I had to pretend,
that I expected it to end.

I hate how you saw me cry and run,
but didn't bother to chase me.

I hate how I thought you'd do that,
and realise you still loved me.

I hate that it didn't work out,
the way I wanted it to.

I hate that I what I thought was love,
was a lie and wasn't true.

I hate how everything you said,
still lives in my thoughts in my head.

I hate that at the end of the day,
your ghost appears as if to stay.
SMSVS Aug 2014
You're my hero,
my saviour,
my light.

You gave me a reason
to live,
to fight.

You lit my path,
my way,
my world.

Even when I cry,
or go berserk.

You stood by,
took my hand,
held me closer.

You gave my life meaning,

You are the one.
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