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Full of words, but it’s an empty poem
It’s a night without darkness
A day you can’t tell with darkness
A book without pages
A bird without feathers
A young life but lived for ages
That’s her now
She became so ever since you pressed her the 24th alphabetical letter
Who thought she can be speaking only one language of hate when others called her a mocking bird
And now who she became no one can tell
You moved on to the next one, but her too, you didn’t keep her like your DAD does your mother.
It’s anonymous how you want your sister to be cared for forever,
If I meet her, I shall make her mine and ask for your demons but only greater ones from the devil himself, and when I leave like you do to other innocent souls, I will great her with pure evil if we meet again.
So many hearts broken by you,
Myself I didn’t believe easily you broke my crush heart so easily
And now when I see her, always down, I do craft her the truth to say;
All men are different, if not so we would be born all by mere mistakes, so keep you inside you and don’t birth death to your soul but keep up with life until one day you rise like a phoenix.
But you heart breaker, I warn you, for you will regret your acts later.
It's dark tonight
And I cannot breathe
The hands of time
Are slowly choking me
Tick Tick
Watch the color
Fade from my face
Tick Tock
Watch my body
Fall through space
Caught inside
These hands of time
Losing my grip
Losing my mind
Tick Tick
Why can't I see
What these hands
Want from me
Tick Tock
I'm fading fast
This life is just a memory
That can never last
I just remembered, there is dying,
A moment when my loved ones will be mourning
A time when all our joyful moments they will be reminiscing whilst unceasingly crying
I just remembered, there is dying......
Leaving everything behind and all the people I surround.
Yes being missed without any sign of my return like the rains in the deserted land.
Breaking all hearts at a go, making my enemies cry for my presence for my absence will take away the dances they had on my fall, and yes I just remembered that for once upon my life death will have a chance.
                                                    Ooh No..
I just remembered, there is dying;
And when I am done with dying, there will be a place I will be going, at one end there is a better side, where I won’t even remember there is dying and that place is where I will have to live forever with him who died without dying forever.
                                              But Still.....
I just remembered, there is dying;
And when I die, to go to the better end there will be Judging.
If to the only true judge I know, I won’t be pleasing; I just remembered there will be again dying.
Yes, dying for the second time and when I die for the second time, living I will forget and never remember this peace I enjoy when I see the birds in the sky fly and the calmness I feel in the midst of still waters.
And yes I just remembered, I won’t be in a better place but in that house of bitter Aloe Vela’s of no benefit to me for it will be my price for a reckless life lived with so many unfixed errors.
He will ask for a kiss,i will ask for your hand.
He will want a night with you, i will ask for your name change.
He will definitely offer gold, i will bring you deep love.
He will drive you home, i will park my car and walk you home.
He will love you in revealing clothes, i will love you even in your graduation ceremony gown.
He will want you Brazilian,American,Jamaican or Mexican but i will want you African.
Surely he will want you at night,i will want you before the sun hides.
He will change you,i will change your environment.
He will shout at you But i will whisper ''its okay '' when you do wrong.
I don't hate him it's just that i love the way you smile, talk, stand, walk, and when you just do nothing.So please believe me and give me your hand,I Will.
The 14th

I close my eyes but still I can't find my peace of mind ,I remember I hadn't written in weeks but now what should I set my mind at? Is it the 14th? But I don't like this date a bit ,I hate it a lot if it was a person I would be breaking the commandment of loving each other. Maybe it's fate to hate this date.
Last year the 14th made me a looser for the days before the 14thI was Mr Valentine of someone, I was the main deal ,I was the main course of the meal though I never stayed  for long for  it all changed when she was swiftly lured by the tycoons of the sons of gods of gold with their expensive juielry and my hand made card was nothing but just a handmade card with a sign of a time waster to her.
I thought the coins spent on a gift don’t win hearts but the motives of the giver, I believed a drop of water is enough for a thirsty being but  instead I was proved to be an imbecile of the old days for our century the 21st  love is money and without it even the bees can make honey.
What should I do now that this date approach, what will be my approach too to the day when the bells of belief changing ring when am down ? Maybe just maybe now I can change the tables though I hate the day they say it's for the lovers so that I say that too….that it's the day of love and lovers.

By: Simulinga K Moses
All wrongs & rights reserved.
it's now or never,give your whole to
me,let it feel like it will last
forever.Pull me to and let me have
a breath of your enticing scent of
It's now or never,let my thoughts
and my feelings be freed into
action before time turn me to a
weapon of distraction,let my
needing hands get a nodding yes to
let them touch you like a drunkard
do to a bottle of whisky.
It's now or never,Am a criminal on
love,let my chained mind be in your
peaceful world..Let my lips get
what they don't deserve for your
lips are meant to be with perfection
but that's not me,am not a T.D
Jakes kind of man.
Surely it's now or never forever.
The feeling of feeling   like a ***** is what I wake up with and go to sleep with, it's always catching up with me even if I try running like am in a marathon race but still it pulls me when I look back at what I had to let go just not to let you go.
Hope is not hoped no more since I heard he's paying your school fees  for an evil voice to my feelings echo in my heart since my ears deft when you told me you were living me, that horrific voice is always telling me you and him are building a house with one bedroom and have only planned for one bed.
If you told me what I did which I didn't do right, I will ask for forgiveness though you know my ego is what keeps me feel like an eagle for God's sake.
Your heart had the heart full of reserved love but I wonder If the problem of nature quenched it all and now all I smell from that tank is the licking smell of pain I smell by my heart for my nose stopped  doing what it was meant for when you told me you don’t love me no more, these were words that shut my pride and sense of smell for good or bad.
I have now known that it's so true not to be true I have lost you and that you have marooned me.

— The End —