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Silvana Franco Feb 2018
Try as I might, I couldn’t stay away;
Your eyes and vibes and rainbow light
Bade my restless heart to stay,
And gave me feelings I couldn’t fight.

Love makes a fool of men,
Or so I have been told,
But your kisses taste like honey
And your mind is solid gold,

So if loving you is foolish,
And wanting you, plain lunacy,
I’m quite alright with that my darling,
This insanity has set me free.
Silvana Franco Feb 2018
We lie, beneath the shimmer of long dead stars
your siren hair glowing silver in the ghostly light.
I reach out a hand to make sure you are real,
and you laugh,
and the stars shine brighter.

You are a rainbow in my stormy sky,
chasing away grey with kaleidoscope eyes.
You are cool shade on a scorching day,
a soothing balm for my burning soul.

You move me like the moon lends sway to the tide,
love me as though it were your profession,
And in times of hardship and dearth,
you fall to me like manna from heaven.

We lie, not only beneath a star-studded sky,
but to ourselves
and to each other,
as humans do.
Hearing my words of worship, you sigh wistfully,
Not because they are beautiful,
but because you wish
you could say the same about me.
Silvana Franco Oct 2017
Like forests after a fire, reduced to char and ash,
yet teem with new life beneath glistening rain,
you too, my love, can be born again.

Like the silent canary that mourns a lost love,
yet resumes singing in Spring as hope replaces pain,
you too, my love, can be whole again.

So let the chains of your burdens dissolve into feathers,
feel the winds of change gently ruffle your wings,
and soar like a bluebird, free of your tethers
into a horizon of wonderful things.
Silvana Franco Oct 2017
I don't call you 'sunshine'
just because it's a cute nickname for you,
no, it goes much deeper than that;

I do it because your eyes are warm,
like sunlight streaming through a window
on a dreamy Sunday morning

because your smile holds the beauty of a setting sun in an infinite, blood-red sky

because when I'm down,
like the sun to the moon,
you brighten me up with your beautiful words

because like sunshine,
your laughter makes flowers bloom,
and my heart too.

Now you know, sunshine.
Silvana Franco Oct 2017
The starlight sings to the dead of night
crimson lullabies from times long gone,
stories of sorrow, love and might
that keep the dark entranced til the break of dawn.

Though the sun rises, outshining the stars
their shimmering voices can still be heard,
their silver tongues weave tales of Mars
the great God of War and the battles he spurred.

They croon of the lovely Venus, goddess of love
whose body beguiled the lustful soul of man,
whose beauty enchanted realms below as above
and inspired tomes of poetry as only woman can.

As the sun grows weary and his brilliance fades,
and the cotton candy sky gives way to ebony,
as the phantom moon begins her promenade,
the stars reemerge and resume their symphony.
Silvana Franco Oct 2017
The night is soft and billowy,
Beckoning me deeper into her velvet embrace.  
The dark air caresses me,
Like a smooth, silken hand stroking my face.

The breeze carries with it the scent of autumn;
decaying leaves, campfire smoke, pumpkin spice and pine needles.
A heady cocktail that rouses something in me that no other season can.

This, is my favourite time of year.

The bare trees, colourful leaves and crisp breeze soothe my mind.

The long nights of candlelight and incense soothe my soul.

Draped in moonlight and watched over by the stars,
I drink the wine of ancient Roman nights,
of sacred pagan rites,
of owls' sleepless flights,
of lustful lovers' bites,
That dark and warm midwinter wine.

And it is here

As I lie naked beneath the gentle gaze of the moon,
Vulnerable and exposed,
Innocent and joyful,
With child-like wonder at the beauty that surrounds and encompasses me,
Sipping the crimson nectar of the gods,

That I feel whole.
Silvana Franco Jun 2017
Dear mama, dear papa, why do you cry so?
You both know we are mortal and no one lives forever.
Do you weep because you never saw your child grow,
Or because no picture hereafter will show us together?

Oh mama, your eyes are weighed down with such sadness,
A sorrow so deep that no mother should feel.
How could God take away their smiling little princess?
Father curses and questions if God’s even real.

It’s funny, I used to joke about wanting to die young,
So I wouldn’t suffer loss when my parents passed away.
But all the pain in this room makes me wish I’d bit my tongue,
Because no parent should ever have to see this day.

How I wish I could comfort them or that we could restart,
Make them laugh with my singing and nature so wild.
But I can’t, time is up, no more beats move my heart,
So in spirit I look on as they bury their child.
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