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5d · 333
Jan 14 · 258
Precious Raindrops
Seven Nielsen Jan 14
Precious raindrops tumble down
weaving nature's beaded gown

Lilting breezes stir the air
braiding Gaia's silver hair

Bees and warblers hum and sing
when the snow caps melt in spring

Diamond streamlets dance along
with their joyous crystal song

Waterfalls in feathered white
cascade from their noble height

Winter's chains all break away
leaving life to greet the day
Jan 14 · 45
Gypsy Smoke
Seven Nielsen Jan 14
The tall western fires
fill my valley with gypsy smoke
painting the hills gray
and the distant mountains blue

The morning comes
licking the meadows with dew
and the smoke pauses for a mocking look
    then, shrugging,
                   quietly caravans away
Dec 2021 · 24
The Birthday Brooch
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
Along the ancient pathways of time
through indigo space
the gigantic bejeweled tortoise plodded
his enormous shell laden with cabochons and faceted gems
of amethyst worlds and sapphire planets
on glistening topaz feet like orbiting moons.

"Isn't that ruby on his forehead
the gigantic planet Hybithia?"
asked the guardian questioners --
"And, those emeralds are surely
the tourmaline sister spheres
complete with their ropes of pearl comets."

All eyes turned to the spectacle
and marveled at the scintillating sight
of endless golden filigree trims
and silvery chains that shone
like fire-bright bezels
around each glorious gem.

"What could the meaning be
of such a lavish giant?
Could it be an anomaly of treasure
or an error in the charts
of eternity beyond forever?"
they questioned --

"No" came the reply
of the handmaiden Sylphs
spreading garnet nebulas
from their shimmering baskets
while tossing whirlpool constellations
before the encrusted beast.

"That is the brooch of time --
a birthday gift
en route to Aurilia, the mother goddess of galaxies --
This is her diamond jubilee --
Today she is
a trillion."
Dec 2021 · 29
Send Me a Greeting
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
Send me a greeting
across the waves
when the green sea

Tell me if your heart
fails to feel
my true love
for it is real

Send me a sweet kiss
across the blue
knowing that my soul
misses you

Tell me you love me
as I love you
but tell me only
if you do
Dec 2021 · 315
Winter Bows His Grisly Head
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
Winter bows his grisly head
when the trees bend low
Branches bear the heartless weight
of the ice and snow

Ponds turn into frosted glass
and diamond streams to jewels
Rivers turn to mirrored roads
and lakes to sapphire pools

Echoed cries of banished fowl
plead for hopeful spring
Not until the March wind blows
will the warbler sing

Winter's night of cold and dark
slowly turns to day
when the glaze and snowy drifts
gently melt away

New spring lifts her waking head
when the sun grows neigh
Buds and blooms unfurl with joy
reaching for the sky
Written in celebration of winter upon discovering a large branch on my property fallen from the weight of December snow.
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
When will that gallant gent
in hat and cape
cease to open doors for Gabrielle
and make her stop sneering
behind his naive back?

When he looks in the reflection
of a window or a mirror
and sees a man of value
above a woman's inheritance
of perceived cash value

that's when
Dec 2021 · 319
Tattooed On My Brain
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
I carry my feeling
on my face
and true loves on my arm
I spelled them out
without a doubt
because it does no harm

Do you suppose a ship or rose
is better off seen than read?
Written or not
their faces are caught
engraved with love
in my head
Dec 2021 · 34
here come the clouds
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
orange flames
in midnight skies
where goes the smoke?
whence comes the flies?

the dawn of hope
in cyan sings
here come the clouds
on angel's wings
Dec 2021 · 49
the soul of the sea
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
the sea
the bay
now thickened with gray
and blasts of the northern wind
reveal his soul
with heartless roll
and the foam on his rocky chin
Dec 2021 · 24
When You Become an Elder
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
When entering a room
the conversation changes or stops

When making a joke
the laughter if forced

When you say "Hello" on the telephone
there is an awkward pause

When you make a suggestion
eyes dart judgementally around the room

When these things happen
you know the truth

You have been dealt out of the hand
of those around you

You are patiently, quietly

You are old
Dec 2021 · 174
The Healing Power of Quiet
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
When the sigh of a breeze
in meadowed land
mimics the velvet-soft whisper
of the owl wing in flight
the evening spreads her azure cloak
as does the night in her indigo majesty -
for God's tender command of daily silence
soothes each weary heart
at the end of garish day
Dec 2021 · 22
How, After That . . . ?
Seven Nielsen Dec 2021
Where did courage grab me by the neck
and force me onward?

Was it when I was hiding behind the piles of ship's cargo
where bravery took over?
Or was it when duty elbowed my excuses
into the dark waters of my easy fear?

I know a chill spat down my soul
and a steel fist closed around my weak resolve
when I heard her voice beyond my cowardly hiding place

"He doesn't initially care", she lied
with that ever-present word of hers, "initially"
Truth snapped onto focus in the mirror on life
"I guess you're initially right", I also lied
jumping out of the trenches
feeling the air suddenly leave the earth

The final confrontation flew around us
like a fruit bat in a fire
ending with a quick exit
and angry footsteps
fading on the weathered planks
of the indifferent old dock

Courage finally released my neck
and the air began to fill
the vacuum
around me

after that
in such a battleground
could I still enjoy a blood-red sun
setting over sailboats
bobbing in a row
Nov 2021 · 34
Post-Halloween Soup
Seven Nielsen Nov 2021
the blood has gone black
on my boots and the floor
chopping up heads
piles up the gore

the *** is now brimming
with eyeballs and skin
the cauldron now bubbles
it's time to begin

I'll ladle a bowl
of half-done meat
my Halloween soup
of fingers and feet

won't you accept
my summons to dine?
what will it take
your life or mine?
Nov 2021 · 34
Of Lofty Dreams
Seven Nielsen Nov 2021
Divert my eyes from her smooth hair
Discern her hidden thoughts of care

Of lofty dreams, that might be won
My small hope is near the sun
Oct 2021 · 46
The Creak in the Floor
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
The creak in the floor
just outside the door
makes sleeping alone very scary

You shake where you lay
you plead and you pray
just hoping it's not something hairy
Oct 2021 · 48
Spoiled Costumes
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
Halloween costumes in the 70s were oversized homemade style-ups
of witches, princesses, cowboys, and greasepaint hobos
spoiled by coats and jackets worn over everything against the cold
Oct 2021 · 50
Take That
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
The sadness seemed genuine
but it was not
The soulful touch on the arm seemed sincere
but it was not
The apology sounded heartfelt
but it was not

Later, the boss looked into
the restroom mirror
after firing Meg
for no real reason
and the smiling lips silently repeated
the favorite phrase --
           "My hands are tied."

Meg's optimistic cheerfulness
had just become too much
for the boss

The thought was
that work should always be miserable
for people below the line


The hand dryer roared
to cover the boss' laugh

'Take that, Miss Happy Pants,'
                          she said to herself
Oct 2021 · 58
I Envision Myself
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
When I see formations in the clouds
of a lion laying next to a lamb
I envision myself
I am a noble lion
the the lamb
is a Hershey bar
with almonds
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
On Halloween
the monsters scare
in ghastly gray, both skin and hair
their one good eye will always stare
at where you hide
they'll find you there
Oct 2021 · 178
Vlad's Midnight Menu
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
Vlad's favorite soup
was half-done meat
eyeballs and skin slabs
and fingers and feet

he loved to ****
on the sockets and bones
and chew on the ears
and noses of crones

eyelids were good
on bread made with blood
but only if pureed
to look just like mud
A humble Halloween offering.
Oct 2021 · 198
Abandon Tears
Seven Nielsen Oct 2021
Tears abandon
on the way
mark each heartfelt
Sep 2021 · 40
Do Wishes Petrify?
Seven Nielsen Sep 2021
in a filmy lacquer
like a child's secret utterance
                         ­        based on nothing at all
are like blemishes in an otherwise perfect diamond

How, in a lugubrious world
can there be
mines beneath shallow graves
dug by slaves with crossed fingers
and frightening visions
of those thousand-foot-deep-burial-wells
drilled into the forehead of the world
     in fake-searching
              of a new
                        and magic
           ­                                         to brag-mix
into toothpaste or 'new and improved' Brylcreem
  (now formulated for your pets and guaranteed to make a difference)

                                             PLEASE NOTE:
A child's wish or question should be disqualified due to the lack
of subtext and connived distortion to fashion the desired answer
                                                or result

The space between burial plots
is reserved to bury the mental oozings
of wishers and questioners
and the ceremonies are to be torchlit processions
       ­                                 into
                           ­               rotting
                                          ­      cemeteries
                                      near darkened woods
                                 on the edge of civilizations
              where truth sleeps in the above-mentioned shallow graves

There are caves and mines below,
                                                      you know
                 encroached and heavily toothed
                 with stalactites
                 and stalagmites
                 of stalac-rights
                 and stalag-wrongs
                 of revivalist lies
                 gurgling up in groundseepage
                 of blackened deceit
                 fought with limp-wristed efforts
                 by attempting reasoning
                 and pale blue innocence
                 which always clouds up the lovely prejudice in play

Do wishes petrify
or just hold very still under glass
to not frighten the proctors
or their undeveloped wards
                                                  in hoards
                                                          ­      on field trips?

The secret to making wishes come true is hidden in the puzzle:

                    K         R          O          W

                    R                   ­                 O
                    O                                    R

 ­                   W         O           R          K

                     unscramble and despair

The current judges always remain unmoved
and refuse to blow out the candles
until the day that someone judges THEM
in all prejudice and bias of the mind
of good and proper scale bearers
and compromised judges

What might the answer be
when a foolish soul, surrounded in questions, asks,
"Does anyone have change for a parent?
It seems I only have a single father to my name."

"I have two career choices in the arts, so I can break him."
           is the reply
            answeres the hopeful.
"I need four erroneous opinions to fit into his ear
or the machinery doesn't grind to a halt.
Doesn't anyone have the proper change?"

It looks like someone always sits on the low end
of the teeter-totter of wishes

Won't anyone play with me?
I wish someone would
I need contra-ballast

                    ­               Is everyone here made of stone?
Aug 2021 · 595
A Tear Comes With Each Poem
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
A tear comes with each poem
    written on the earth

Even with a happy tone
     a tear comes with each poem
Aug 2021 · 1.1k
Snow Whispers
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
Snow whispers as it falls
gently filling mountain halls
Does it ever speak or see
as it crowns the autumn tree?

Snow whispers as it flies
when it dots the feathered skies
Can you hear its soulful cries?
for it weeps when spring arrives
Aug 2021 · 74
Like Me
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
Like me -
I'm alone

Like me -
I'm ignored

Like me -
I'm sad

Like me -
I'm rich

NOW you like me?
Aug 2021 · 257
Supper of Demons
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
on the charted floor of souls
fire heats twelve iron bowls
rafters echo devil screams
arms and legs hang from the beams

roast the skin with castor seeds
hair of crone and spice of weeds
stir and mix the flesh and blood
till the supper looks like mud

splintered skulls of fresh-chopped heads
each laid out on nightshade beds
plates of bone and knives of steel
sharpened for the midnight meal

who will choose the honored seats?
who will serve the roasted meats?
who will **** the sockets dry?
who will live, and who will die?

if you serve the master's will
every wish of his fulfill
if you heed the master's call
he might eat you last of all
Aug 2021 · 39
When You Love
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
When you love
divisions blur
night and day
what to say

When you love
decisions melt
should I go
yes or no?
Aug 2021 · 159
The Rain Is Never Sorry
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
When the rain decides to fall
it falls with abandon --
       never sorry
       never in hesitation
and it never slurps back a drop
like soup on a careless chin
                            The rain is never sorry
Aug 2021 · 38
I'm Just Sayin'
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
Meg's little white Pomeranian puppy
should not be named Cotton
the way she hops up and down and runs around --
She should be called Popcorn and kept in a sack
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
The morning that my true love died
there rose a concrete sun
The clouds were stones
as were my bones
and my heart weighed a ton
Aug 2021 · 359
One Simple Rhyme
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
A lothario beat my time
with two words quite sublime
        when I said, 'obey'
         he said, 'no way'
and beat me up with his rhyme
Aug 2021 · 440
Hello, Poetry
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
To Poetry I say
And Poetry answers
          'Come in and create'
Then I say
          'I will do my best'
To which Poetry answers
          'I know'
Aug 2021 · 53
Vanquish Every Doubt
Seven Nielsen Aug 2021
If you please, go to your knees
and listen with your heart
In humble ways, review your days
and start to do your part

Do you know, just where to go
when you've reached the end?
If you do, it's up to you
to flex your soul and bend

The only pain, you will sustain
you should never hide
You'll find the pain, that you sustain
will be within your pride

When you arise, you will be wise
and changed inside and out
You'll see the light, and know you're right
and vanquish every doubt
Jul 2021 · 138
A Woman's Test
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
at Twilight Inn
lanky Larry's crown
is a sweaty bandana creased with concern --
Tia gave him a bad haircut
and it just can't be fixed
          --no way--
Is it a crafty woman's test of love?
or her clumsy try at a good impression?
         Can't say
It'll take two weeks to heal--
          Two weeks of Larry's loving resentment
Jul 2021 · 55
Poets Dream in Rhyme
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
Poets dream in rhyme
and stop the hands of time
They see the mountain's peak
and seek to make the climb

Poets dream in rhyme
then move the hands of time
They hear the soul's request
and speak the words sublime
Jul 2021 · 54
The First Breath
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
The first breath of the morning
awakes the sleeping soul
The last breath of evening
rings out the death-knell toll
Jul 2021 · 168
Queen of Night
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
When stars above convene
They crown the Queen Serene
She dawns the veil of night
To hide from earthly sight
Jul 2021 · 45
The Assassination
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
Hide his shooters
from our eyes
excuse all his missteps too -
In secret talk
stop the clock
and know this history's true -

Charlie tried

Gaia cried

Papa lied

Victor died

With and X
they marked the spot
took a chance
and cast his lot -
Now we bless
or try to curse
he who rode
   the caisson hearse -

Zulu warriors
shot to ****
the foolish king
on Grassy Hill
Jul 2021 · 44
That's Why
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
You always start with a 'hon'
and you always end with a 'yuk'
That's why you're a honyock
Jul 2021 · 37
The Division of Parting
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
My brain and soul were cleft in two
when we were no more 'me and you'
I seemed to lose my voice and sight
when you went off into the night
Jul 2021 · 1.6k
Sleep Descends on Gentle Air
Seven Nielsen Jul 2021
Sleep descends on gentle air
combing evening's purple hair
Angels glide down heaven's stair
to gather up our daily care
Seven Nielsen Jun 2021
We should honor men of yore
country squires who lived before
men who came of noble roots
hedged by horses, crops, and boots -

Who replaced those men of yore
men whose presence filled a door
men who wouldn't take the bait
of the latest thing to hate?

There are those who you can find
of the selfless, meek, and kind -
But, these days those men are feared
by the jealous, they are jeered -

Here we watch accusing fools
weaving all their woke-up rules -
Why do they do what they do?
Because the devil told them to -
Jun 2021 · 48
Blackened Dawn
Seven Nielsen Jun 2021
Charred 2x4 fingers reaching to heartless clouds
as if begging Olympian gods to revoke Time's cruel jest
and reverse the flames of hellish appetite
to re-edify the humble house of a mishandled youth

Even a hovel is better than a pit

Sad-soaked earth in muddy remnants
of firehose ***** wet accusatory shoes
in apologetic licks
fake-begging forgiveness
while secretly hiding
sardonic grins of Neroesque thrills
of remembered flames while
tongue-stroked teeth proclaim victory
of one more pyromaniacal gorge
to be relived
and relived
and filed in the gray-matter library of ***** memories
to summon and chew for pleasure
on nights filled with the vacuum-gape
of nothing in particular

One Swinburneian spark whispers
while the Housmanian bat-squeak urges
and the Voltaireian whale-breach booms

The only dark, wet echo that sounds
in the unfeeling distance is
"Why not?  I like orange."
and four more lives are swept
into the storm drain
with the suet and burnt dreams
Jun 2021 · 220
never say, "circle back"
Seven Nielsen Jun 2021
---- never say, ---
 "circle back" --
it makes
  cringe                                           ­   crowd
   and                                            in              sa­ddest
    light                                       all                     the
      a pity                                    of                       follow
          candle                                  histo­ry          to
                in their soul                                       likes
                             for another                       who
                                           ­   lemming-dupe
Seven Nielsen Jun 2021
While alone the midnight hour
in the upper abbey tower
when the air became much colder
I felt a hand upon my shoulder

Jumping to a panicked flight
never looking left or right
taking stairs four by four
racing for the bottom floor

I will never know what being
or what ghastly hollow thing
touched me in that darkened room
promising my dreadful doom

But, I know that I can tell
in this simple quatranelle
you can search but never find
horrors worst than in then in the mind
Jun 2021 · 37
Bulgarian Jewels
Seven Nielsen Jun 2021
with jewel-box vistas
the hopeful heart thrills
of amethyst giants
behind emerald hills

a carpet of lavender
blooms all around
while tourmaline waters
echo the sound

the sapphire shadows
on high-mountain snows
melt into diamonds
of glittering flows

from halcyon gold
on cupola domes
to pearl-pink love
in Bulgarian homes

the heart of the land
is bejeweled and complete
with tender devotion
both precious and sweet
Jun 2021 · 47
Seven Nielsen Jun 2021
When you question, you accuse
When you question, you will lose
Always  nod and soon agree
Always nod and say, 'I see'
May 2021 · 43
Timeless Spirals
Seven Nielsen May 2021
Only the pinwheel spiral shapes
of the fuchsia and heliotrope galaxies
tell us in what direction they spin
as they travel at thousands of miles per hour-
yet, in their vastness, they seem as immovable
as the patience of God
May 2021 · 64
Opening the Heart
Seven Nielsen May 2021
Opening the heart
is like the blossoming of a flower --
Once begun
it is easy to make miracles happen --
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