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I'm lesbian so what
I'm gay so what
I'm bisexual so what
I'm ******* transgender so what
At least i know who the **** I am
I'm pansexual so what
I'm ******* me
I'm myself
If you don't like it
I love it
If you don't care
I cherish it forever
If you hate me
I love you
Who the **** are you
They stopped, they all just stopped, I watched as the time slowed down slower and slower until nothing. No cars were honking,  no shoes clacking, nobody shouting just silence. I yelled but it was overcome by silence nothing. I try to move but my feet are stuck, and the more I move I go deeper in the ground like quick sand but not quicksand, the guy next to me, I know him I think, I think I know all these people.  They don't say anything,  they don't do anything, I scream again only to find nothing, hear nothing. Its cold but I don't see my breath,  my heart is beating unsteadily like  it's afraid to beat.
You live a serious, secret life, a life that only you know about, a life unknown to man. This life is full of pain and happiness, love, and betrayal, this life you were king, you were powerful, but in this life there's a trouble, a trouble you don't even know about, a distraction only they can see, this life you are gay, you are different but in this life everybody is different, this life is abnormal, unknown to man special in your mind, crazy In your heart, but what's so secret in this world isn't the love, pain, happiness, betrayal, but it's you, because you aren't you the same as they aren't them, you get me now.
There is a life unknown to man, spectacular in the mind of the believers, but a joke to those who refuse to see reality, sanctuary for the weak, but a joke to the strong, peace for the judged, another joke for the unjudged, there is a life unknown to Man, unknown to creature but only, and only if you believe, you shall see, and your imagination shall open.
  Apr 2015 Sequoi devare eley
If I wasn't gay would people care?
Would they actually let me breath the same air?
Could I actually go to school,
without people being so cruel?
Could I live in a world with no hate?
Maybe people would love me if I was straight.
It's not as easy as people think.
I can't just go to a shrink.
I didn't choose to be this way.
You really think I'd want to be gay?
I don't want attention,
I don't want fame.
This isn't some sort of game.
I am who I am and thats okay.
Most people don't see it that way.
I only wish I could be the same.
To have a wedding and it not be shamed.
I want to have kids and not be judged.
I don't want my reputation smudged.
But apparently I'm different now.
Sick in the head somehow.
Therapy and shock treatment for something that can't be fixed.
How did I get put into this mix?
Toxic and tragic,
that's my life.  
It's like I was stabbed in the back with a knife.
I'm gay,
what's wrong with that?
I get treated like some rat.
Using your holy books and your religion.
To fight against something that makes no difference.
I want to be a human not a punching bag.
Always getting called a ***.
Let that word have power and it gets to you.
But that words as good as whatever is stuck to the bottom of my shoe.
I love being this way.
I don't care what you say.
Life is like a boat it's smooth sailing half way through then all of a sudden it gets rocky you start running into rocks almost about to sink then it's back to smooth sailing you start to heal then life hits you again or in this case a rocky shore there is no end to these changes they come and go as they please making your life a living hell making your life unbearable to live in life is like a boat smooth then rocky
Lol is laugh out loud correct wrong






I hear the names I'm called, I hear the disgusting comments they say about me do I do anything no why because I'm who IAM and I didn't choose this but I accepted who I was so what I love men, here's how I see it the reason you pick on others is because you haven't come  to terms of who the hell you are, you haven't accepted who you really are so really the joke is on you
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