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Erick Dec 2013
I like you, I really like you
You're smexy and wonderful, did I mention beautiful too?

Not a day goes by that I don't think if you
That's why I sleep heavily to let my dreams continue
Because I know that you will always be there

We are so alike in many aspects, but yet so different
This is my only hope of it being real someday

Is it possible that you're my Juliet, but I'm not your Romeo?
If so goodbye cruel world and I should go
My Black is smexy
Gorgeous and everything
My Black is caramel, sweet to the taste
Just right to the smell
My Black is fine
Like sweet pumpkin pie
My black shines
Like a diamond in your eye
My black gleams
Like your all-American dream
Black is me
Just as beautiful as can be

— The End —