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Tired and worn out, I strap up my Pointe shoes and stretch
Feet bleeding
Face dripping with sweat
Pirouettes and fetes back to back to back
Nothing stops me
Not even the fact that I just heard my knee crack
Leap after leap after leap
Soaring in the air, I do not feel the ache in my feet
Part One is done
On to the next
Hip Hop
My favorite type of dance
Sports bra, 23's, Sweats
Warm up vibe session since I'm already stretched
Music pumps through my soul
I feel it vibrate through my soul
My feet glide across the floor as I release the fire within
Left foot, then right
Body takes flight
Time stops and the Earth stops its ongoing rotation
I glide and move replaying each and every tear, argument, and moments of frustration
I dance every moment of everyday
I dance to make the pain go away
Dance to the rhythm of the African Drum
Dance to the rhythm of the bass in my favorite song
Dance to the pulse, to the heartbeat of my baby girl, my little one
Dance because its all I know
Dance until the tears, pain and heartache cease to flow...
From the crown of my head to the sole of my feet
There are only 10 things that I love about me


I have beautiful dark brown eyes that hide my pain from the revealing glow of the sun


I have very small ears that have heard too much gossip about me from you


My lips are full and soft and they will never again speak lies and deceit


I have a billion dollar mega watt smile that I absolutely adore


My abs are rock hard but they didn’t come easy. Lots of hard work over a period of time


There is a curve in the center of my back that gives a perfect arch but when certain people touch me there, I feel sick


I have two small but defined back dimples. If you touch me there, I’m guaranteed to be leaven


I have long golden brown legs that should’ve learned the concept of wait


My feet are very smooth. The nail salon people can’t say anything negative about mine.


My toes are pretty and nicely manicured. I don’t like to have dry gross feet or nasty looking skin.

These are the things that I love above myself

The End.
My dark skin doesn’t make me inadequate

I have thick, curly hair

No... You can’t touch it

And I really wish you wouldn’t stare

I can’t fit size 2 jeans

I can’t wear skirts that are so short

That you can almost see underneath

My eyes aren’t green or blue

That doesn’t mean that I can’t clearly see you

My legs aren’t model long

My ***** aren’t super small

My lips aren’t paper thin

My **** is not pancake flat

I don’t pay attention to how many carbs I eat

But that doesn’t mean I'm fat

It would be nice if you could refer to me as a person, an actual human being

Stop saying “***! Look at that!”

My skin isn’t perfect

My face isn’t pimple free

Stop looking at my skin

Try getting to know the girl within
v.t: to fail to fulfill the expectation, hope, or desire of; to prevent the fulfillment of (a hope or plan); frustrate

A God given angel
A woman of success
A calming spirit
A woman of wisdom
Who seems to easily disintegrate my stress
A role model in my life
A motherly figure
Once a wife
What I see in her is what I dream for myself
No she isn't perfect but she was right
"Get your sh..stuff together! Not for me, or anyone else. Do it for yourself!"
Problem is...
I don't know how to do that type of ****
I cant even put 2 and 2 together
But that aint a shocker
I've never been a math wiz
Spiraled out of control once before
But somehow I sorta cleaned it up
At least enough to pick my face up off the floor
God sent me a blessing
But all I seem to do is keep stressing
Her completely out
The frustration in her voice is so real to me
I know Im in for it
When she starts the "Y'all young people......." speech
She's ******* me and she keeps it real
What she says, especially in her anger and frustration, I feel
"I just want the best for you"
"Mind Over Matter"
"Your life is depending on you and the things you do"
When she goes into her mother mode
Sometimes, I am annoyed
But at least she's not distant
Like my mother
Who in some areas, gave up on me a long time ago
Im not the best kid
But Im working on it, I have to
Daddy never did
I love her because she is trying
I love her because she doesn't tell me what I want to her
She tells me what I need to hear
Stuff she doesn't know that will hit home on the inside
She doesn't know her role
She's unsure of her place
Im usually pretty bold, the type to be in your face
But in her case, I don't say what I need to say
You don't have a specific place or spot
For me you fit the role of a mentor, a mother, an aunt
Maybe one day, I'll actually make you proud
Not sure when that will happen but definitely at some point
I love you with all my heart
Im sorry to disappoint
Anger shoots through my veins like ******
My blood boils at a temperature my body can't handle
Unable to think or comprehend
Switchblade savior etching death in my wrist
Imagining it's not real
As I watch evidence spill into my hand
Fear, Hate, Betrayal, Anguish
Starved by a metallic holy ghost fulfilling a death wish
Hot black liquid seeps out of my skin
Running cold as it collides with oxygen
Evidence of darkness
Emptiness within
Panic sets in when I catch a glimpse of reality
Ambulance, emergency room, panic as the doctor tries to put the blackness back inside of me
Saving me from a sacriligeous religion
That rescued me from heartache and pain in the beginning
The same switchblade deathtrap
Ready to smite my blasphemy and despair
Faithfully reciting the same galvanized prayer
Life charges at me, full speed
Like an eagle, I spread my wings
Soaring above everyone and everything
Flying through haters and negativity
Pumping out positivity
“Keep your head up kid”
Grateful that someone speaks life into me
Daddy denied my existence
Had a rough beginning
I can testify to the struggle
Dived head first into deep end
Sinking because I could not swim
Death was imminent
I wish God would've ended it
Lord knows I tried hard to take myself out
But God has a purpose for my life
Just haven't figured it out
I will soar and spread my wings
“Drop down and get your eagle on”
No, that is no longer my thing
I will stand up and do what is right
I will charge forward
Make something out of my life
“Keep your head up kid”

P.S.- To all those people who tried to tear me down, catch ya on the flip side!

My soul is free like a butterfly
Flapping its wings in the clear blue sky
Head is clear
Lots of room and space to create
Opportunities lay clear in my path
I choose the road less traveled by
Racing toward my future
Stitching the pieces together like my favorite craft
There’s always a roadblock disturbing my flow
Constantly recounting
Constantly redoing
Ready to sew up any cuts, rips, tears from any major blow
Running steady but quickly picking up the pace
Breeze cool
Sun in my face
Turn to the left
Swerve right…
Don’t hit that tree!!!
Make a right at the light.
Red means stop
Green means go
Yellow means slow down and decide which way to go
Running to fast
Blowing through traffic signs
It’s a dead end coming up ahead
Going to fast to make up my mind


Life shattered into tiny little pieces
Glass is everywhere….
Everything is a mess
My hopes and dreams have turned into despair
Trying to pick up the pieces off the ground
My fingers are slicing from trying to gather the glass mound
My feet are planted in the ground
I can’t move…I’m stuck
Waiting to be found



Thump…Thump…Thump…Heart Beating…

Blood Streaming…

The air reeks of failure
The ground cringes at my presence
My feet planted like a tree
The roots uprooting underneath me
Branches falling
Leaves cascading down all around me
My future is tarnished
No money… wages garnished
My soul is bleeding like a dead squirrel in the street
My heart aches…
No butterfly wings to fly me away
Battered and torn
Head held down
I can’t make a sound
Drowning and I can’t breathe
Weight of the world pushing me down
Further and further
Vision blurring… I can’t see
My mind captured
My soul no longer free
Nothing left to define me
Butterflies take flight
I have no strength to continue this fight
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