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strait crazy

saintly mania raving.

new age jainist phasers
sang they praises
'hey mr bojangles,
go mangle up the angle,
shake shake shake the frame
& they'll thank you later.'

...sorry not today.

I'm feeling under the
earthquake weather.
wallowing wonder
following the devil
thru the desert
on great endeavors
to make it rain feathers
that sound like thunder.

famous as ever
nameless as heaven

to say the least
I'm slaying beasts that
came from me
in the first place.
this is lovehate.
lovehate lovehate.
& it's useless.

just lemme set the mood.

it's stupid
brutish beauty
mooing truly bluesy
marks & bruises
infused with martian
harmony incarnate,
caramelized carnage
set to soothing violent music.

broke record store cliché
faded to frustration feeding
a creaturely need for creation
& hellish lust for selfdestruction.

-nothing special-
just an absolute mess who
dilute the stress through allusion
allegory alliteration
hallucination delusion

***** it's a celebration.

tell the rest those losers
that got left I'm doing my best
even though I'm pretty upset
with how it's all panning out.

oh well I guess.
sea  Dec 2018
sea Dec 2018
Maybe I sacrifice
a little bit too much of myself

When no one
does the same
for me
Joaquin Cruzalegui  Nov 2013
heavy raindrops
drown in teardrops.
my hands soaked
in black burning

(cannot hide
my face right now)

i've lost you.

turning towards
lonesome late
bursting down the street.

(cold wind won't

i've lost you.

empty taste
of your light white skin,
porcelain peel.
drunk bare
down your
back and forth.

i've lost you.

oily morning
once again.
hurting my
mutilated eyes.

my body in pieces.

somewhere there,
lying on the ground,
making no sound.

a new day
had found me.
warm beer
sleeping near
empty bed.

i've lost you.

hide the face that shows the state
don’t let it humiliate,
everyday put on the hidden facade
and pray to god,
that they don’t shout
and let it get all out,
i never forget the words they said
let my mind erupt until someones dead
i wonder if that’s their goal
to crush every soul
and the victims they seek
seem happy never leak
a cent of depression
warning viewer discretion
is advised
events resized
forget the scripts i read
follow me, i’ll lead
but if you agree to follow
you just drop down below
clear your own path
don’t sit and suffer their wrath
lost nation
to conclude; i’m dead inside
from everytime they lied
internal eruption…

- JacobDexterCoffey--
Jon Kenton  Jan 2013
Jon Kenton Jan 2013
i'm Prone to selfdestruction.
but you keep me safe.
I'm prone to self hating.
but you give me something to love.
i could live through anything.
eXcept losing you.
im prone to the bad thoughts.
but you scare them away.
you keep me safe from myself.
even If you dont know it.
your the sunrise to the obsidian shadows of my soul.
Even if you dont know just how much you mean to me.
i do.
A Oct 2016
Parched are my lips
saddened from every emotion you feel
my voice apologizes
for my cowardice
I'm too afarid to ask
for every hardship you face
my silence is an assailant
kills every moment of bliss

Dried up thoughts and helpless gestures
It's as though I'm watching your body suspended
on to a cliff
My hands urge me to save you but my mind makes me wait
I'm not sure what is the right option
I'm a marionette


My mind
too afraid of what
May escape your tired tongue
tongue tied
I remain broken
from selfdestruction
I remain at peace unaware of your destruction

— The End —