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the sunken earth and the background river:
close your eyes, other part.
the time sleeps on your lap or
under the curve of your lids.
version of us, text message.
imagine smoke in the air
-swear distance-
the smell of rain and the background river:
remember, we were part of somebody else’s
dream /
no command crash for which blood holds no allure.
the smile of a dancer, burnt wandering.
please, something like wind carrying
something like dark lips speaking
can you feel the hunger-driven poverty of desire trying to reach my skin?
or the feathers of fire keep on needing? up.
your night hair a quiet beast inside a lung that is mine.
I never been stabbed but I can tell:
some dagger going through a melted chocolate candy bar
that is called ‘heart’.
We dream of electric shocks,
data, meetings and dirt roads
away from the pavement.

Sunday, sun people, indiscriminate leisure.
Papers, the dog that smiles.
This gymnastics makes us better people.

We make up words that sound good. poems
and fruit salads. who would suspect that
is a pompadour a hairstyle? Or what to see
Defense and Justice would be a real pleasure?

I think it would be good to play a Pablo Emilio for
define this situation.
Pablo Emilio is a card game: four cards are dealt
to each player on the table. The idea is that they form a
Square -two above and two below.
Players can see once the cards.
Just once and memorize them. Almost like spying
through an ajar door. The two above are unknown:
Based on that then we will build
our game. The goal is to score the least amount of points
possible by swapping cards with the deck.

There are wildcards; 7, 8 and 9 allow you to make special movements.
And the jack of spades is worth zero.
That's important to remember
because all the other jacks are worth eleven - in a distraction you can
miss this card by changing it with a lower-scoring one-

The hands are played fast and everyone has their method. Sometimes they come to
complete one or two hands and you're done. Remembering the ones below and without knowing the ones
from above we are seeing what to assemble. If we put two or three of the same together, we throw them away
rigged. If not, we are methodically changing one for the other looking for

Pablo Emilio is won when someone sings Pablo Emilio.
And whoever has the lowest score wins.

The important thing in this game is memory, some lights in
certain moments and taken chances.
We could study the repeal of the name Pablo Emilio
or start thinking about the possibility of assembling a low
scoring game.
We could think about what the other has or how he played his previous hand.
But first remember what we have.
Kind of that's the key, but I don't know whether to mention it now
in this short poem.

Contemplate the noise. Comply with chaos even on times of unavoidable crisis.
Or with the secret-warm-love watermarks on those photos that are only ours.
Blood and silence of dirt streets
that lead us away from the pavement. Electricity.
Everything is in ebullition. So do you.
I imagined one of those fish that travel
attached to a whale
and a fine rain falling into the ocean.
Several kilometers away,
a dog walks in the middle of the avenue
in a coastal city,
there the rain is also present
with great gusts of wind.
I spent the night thinking about future things
and other nonsense.
I went to the kitchen. I wet my face, the back of my head
and took a few sips from the faucet;
I was ready to start the day.
                                                         Jenny Holzer - Inflamattory Essays

job today:
quench the gap.
neither hiatus nor flesh can
venture more
than desorganization lack of proper planning and control
destroying the well-being of the population
fragile skull called lost your keys.
build no bridges, ten thousand bricks, mud, destruction.
demand attention, be chaos.
a forest, disarray, silver bullet
heat, fat mess:
think no one can reach you.
nothing is that instrumentalized not to have your name tattooed.
there is no symbol left to express
all that evil:
reach into the dark.
silly face, playful conversations.
imagine rain as make up,
now and then i may learn to spell your elements,
imagine rain as a handful of dimes,
skin, a line.
now and then i want to burn this place down.
imagine rain as a price,
spice, love or logic.
imagine rain,
one o one, ten sixty, eight and ten
elaborate on that:
no office can tell for all is well.
get into fights on twitter,
get obsessed with nonsense,
where the danger is, also grows the saving power.
talking mirrors and blue lights
beauty hides in gestures, right place time right
parfume, let go.
treasure what you lose.
a galaxy at ground level
leather coat wandering dialogue
we won't know some things until they're gone:
1- the air is thicker when
2- the air is thicker when your eyes
3- the air is thicker when your eyes had a few and then
4- the air is thicker when your eyes had a few and then crash into mine.

do you fancy some vitel toné in bed?
help me write my epitaphs...
one for facebook, one for linkedin,
"a restless god eating brie and drinking wine the expressionist way"
ancient aliens & the word 'persona'.
i was raised by jungle animals,
tamagotchis with mean eyes
and all my friends.
now that's gone.

do you think poetry is gonna buy someone a house?
start falling apart
riot your secrets
kiss and kiss
whisper your way out.
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