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Lauren Pascual Dec 2019
if only my pillow could talk
maybe then, you'll understand me.
Relle  Apr 2017
Cocaine love
Relle Apr 2017
Im a kite
Soaring through the sky with aeroplanes and birds
My fingers touch the sea of clouds
Skin burning from the sun
And something else
From I see down below
A mermaid in the rocks beside the ocean
Waving at me cheerfully
A giggle escapes
Then turns into a hysterical laughter
Stomach hurting too much
But I dont care cause
I feel like a kite in the sky
And at night I am an angel
Mingling together with the stars
And pillowtalks with the moon
Just as a comet passes by with a rabbit
In an astronaut helmet
And just across is a a herd of whales
Swimming along
And I see the moon smile at me
With its overdrawn lips
Stretching uncomfortably
and so I smile back
And somehow I see the sun beside me
The world split into two
Dark and light
And it reminds me of my reality
So I grab on a paper dollar
And my credit card with nothing in it but lost wealth
Then in front of me I align my beautiful companion
Straight and perfect
Small and still
Just looking at me seductively
And i just had to
So i rolled the green paper again
And filled myself to meet my new friends.

— The End —