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Chauncey May 2014
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a boy who say and read all day and all night.  That's all he would do in his spare time, read, read read.  Now, this boy wasn't hard to find in a crowd due to his brilliant blond hair and his misty blue-green eyes which seemed to be as if fog had rolled into a swamp and created a beautiful tranquility.  This boy, was made fun of for reading, for not knowing things, even for having glasses.  They called him things like "******", "four eyes", "stupid".  These words hurt the boy more than anything he could ever imagine.  So he buried himself deeper in books.  He wandered down the halls of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, and slept in the cabins at Camp-Halfblood from Percy Jackson.  He watched on as tributes killed each other in The Hunger Games, and flew with the flock in Maximum Ride.  But one day, something  happened to this misty eyed boy.  He moved schools, with new faces and new insults.  Except, the misty-eyed boy was never called names, never made fun of.  He was accepted, people talked to him without calling him a name.  And he started to respond.  Slowly, he emerged from the pages of the books he had been buried beneath.  When he emerged, something caught his eye.  A beautiful girl, one with auburn hair and hazel eyes that shone like the full moon on a clear night.  She made him feel happier than he had ever felt, and the names that had clung to this poor boy fell off.   This misty-eyed boy decided one day to give his heart to this hazel eyed girl.  And that's when something amazing happened, she gave him hers in return.  And they were happy...for the time being.  As the boy began to talk more and more, he started to read less and less.  He went online and made friends from all over the world.  He indirectly hurt this hazel eyed girl, and she started to take her heart back.  That misty eyed boy tried his best to convince her that he was the right one to hold onto it, but she gave it over to somebody she had met online.  The misty-eyed boy was devastated, he began to do the one thing he had wanted to do all his life.  He wrote.  He wrote and when he did the world seemed to stop, nothing mattered anymore, there was no hazel eyed girl, only him and his emotions.  And the boy was happy.   The boy wrote and wrote and wrote, stealing glances at the hazel eyed girl whenever he could, smiling slightly as he remembered all the fun that they had had together.  One day, the girl gave the boy her heart again, and he felt that feeling that he had felt only once  before in his life.  The misty-eyed boy was even happier.  And they stayed like this, but not even a year later, the hazel-eyed girl started to take her heart back.  She turned to another boy, one who's blond hair was shorter and his eyes were a deep blue like the sea.  He charmed her with his kindness and his grace, and when the misty-eyed boy complained, the hazel eyed girl and the sea blue eyed boy lashed out at him.   And the boy was sad again.  He wrote, but this time, he could not forget about that hazel eyed girl.  He felt the pain envelop him and consume him.  He gave up multiple times but couldn't surrender because he knew if he did he would hurt those who loved him.  Before you give all of your sympathy towards this little misty eyed boy, you must know this.  He too, had let his demons out.  Twice in this story did he make that hazel eyed girl cry, and cut and give up.  He said things that made her feel horrible about herself, he did the things he promised he would never do.  He became a monster.  But that ended as quickly as it arose, and the boy felt horrible.  He sat in his room, crying because he knew that that girl had scars because of him.  And that little misty-eyed boy sat and wondered, what would have happened if he had just stayed buried.
Chauncey May 2014
Eanie meanie mineie mo,
Nobody ever needs to know,
Just make sure the scars don't show,
Eanie meanie mineie mo
Chauncey May 2014
A little rabbit went down a hole,
Claiming to be late
When stopped and asked what for
He stated "For a very important date."

Now this little rabbit,
Was white as the winter snow
And after the little white bunny
Did Alice eventually go.

Down the rabbit hole you could say
It felt like an endless abyss
"Alice," called her mother
"Alice, sweetie, you're missed!"

But lo and behold it was too late
Alice was unable to hear
She landed at the bottom of the hole
And found wonder both far and near

How much I would like that
A story so pleasing to hear
It doesn't have to be a rabbit hole
I'd love to go anywhere but here.
  May 2014 Chauncey
Joshua Haines
Up until my insomnia meets me
I lied when I said I forgot
I was scared what you'd think
If I said that  I love you a lot

People have only cared for minutes
Leaving me to care for days
When I look at you all I can think
Is please don't go away

I can see me in your eyes
I dream of dreaming with you
I can trace your scars with mine
My thoughts are bleeding through:

My Talia, I know what it's like to not be seen;
what it's like to be alone in a crowded room.
For you, my star, I want you to know:
that no one shines as bright as you.

I can taste you moving on my skin.
My gasp is air you sustain.
hand in hand, under an umbrella
with you, I am safe.
Chauncey May 2014
If I could have another name
I think I'd chose my own
A name does not define us
As a name isn't set in stone.

Yet if I had my pickings
About how I'd change myself
I'd find a new personality
And put my old one on the shelf.

I could be calm and collected
I could think before I act,
I would keep my head on straight
And never break a pact.

I'd tell what needs to be told
Nothing more and nothing less.
You see I'd change myself,
So I'm not such a ******* mess
Chauncey May 2014
You are something worthless,
Useless and vile,
About you they say you're heartless,
And nothing worth the while.

So why don't you take it,
And just end it all,
There's not one who'll have a fit,
So take the final fall.

Jump into the water,
**** the freezing cold,
You knew you loved her,
But remembered the answer that she told.

So just take the time,
To go out and end your life,
About one thing they'll whine,
You've gone and stained the knife
Chauncey May 2014
I'm sorry I annoy,
That I'm not up to date,
I feel like such a ploy,
And I know so much hate.

I know that you don't like me,
I know I'm second best,
But I'd prefer if I at least see,
Somebody who's not like the rest.

So I'll slice up my wrist,
To take the pain away,
I'll feel death's kiss,
And fail to live another day.

Now it'll take a little time,
I'm somebody easy to miss,
But I think everybody will be fine,
As long as ignorance remains bliss.
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