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Vanessa  Nov 2014
Vanessa Nov 2014
If my heart was a seed
And sprouted veins
That wanted to bloom
The bud would be you.
Blue petals of a Forgetmenot
That he picked
And quietly said "she loves me, she loves me not".
I would wince with each *****
In marvelous pain.
Closing in on each moment that you held the fragile stem between strong fingers.
Every bit would float away with the wind,
Casting your wishes into the sky.
When the stem is finally bare
And you thow it to the ground
I'll be left for dead,
But just know she loved you.
And as the remaining wilts
You'll be forgetting
But I will always be remembering
Hoping all your wishes come true.
Pea Jun 2014
There will never come a day:
I stuck my head out of the window in rain
Without looking for your presence in between
I drink coffee, any kind of coffee
Without pretending it's you I am drinking
I see lines of poetries
Without reading it in your handwriting
I blow a candle
Without imagining it's her in your heart

(I tried to read a boring book as if
it were your letters ----
But you've never sent me one)
I think I will walk out today, ill turn and look the other way
Put my darkest sunglasses on and stare directly at the sun
When I look back nothing ill see
But a bright white glare where you used to be
Our names scratched in to old concrete
And a lingering taste left not so sweet
Ill leave a note slipped under our front door
Each word more lost than the word before
Picture painted at a lonely pace
Now drawn in soft lines on your face
Lines that are now filled with tears
Memories of days and weeks and months and years
Time together spent so alone
A lesson ill learn on my own
Photos faded chipped and cracked and worn
Slowly decay beneath the burning sun
The sun will set on a forgotten grave
Where lies a piece of me that died that day
No stone marker there no epitaph
Overgrown with weeds but not far off the path
The path that you will walk if you search for me
The path that leads you to this old oak tree
Beneath I sit alone with pen in hand
I write this to you will you understand
You’ll forget me not though feelings fade
Ill pluck a flower as I walk away
Petal after petal and step after step
As the petals fall so days I will forget
I do not look back after the last one drops
For the last one tells me that she loves me not
(c)2008 CJG
Deana Luna Feb 2014
he is a bouquet of forgetmenots and cigarette ash.
remember when there was no bed.
remember when i was so happy you were here on the floor with me.
forget me- he has.
always saying the worst before he goes. sticks stuck in my mind.
make a mess. you’re going to make a mess.
forget me- he does. but never lets me do the same.
remember- i do, forgetmenot.
but i will forget. the forgotten always forget.
mossy dead bones. green grows on even the most forgotten trees.

dreamy lover boys. remember when remember when.
remember when i said goodbye.
remember when you said take care.
remember when i hugged you too tight.
remember when i walked away.
I sat upon the cold, wet ground
tears kissed my cheeks
a ballad to serenade
seasons arrest

he loves me, she loves me not

paraffin wax enshrouds
like candles to the storm
my flurry of plastic bulbs
born in the raindrop's gut

she loves me, he loves me not

ablaze with lucid thought
I sung a tuneless song
harken to this dream
my floral skeleton

we love you, they love us not

disjointed petals flutter
away from dreary stems
and I awake quivering
in a pool
of chartreuse leaves
and musky enamel
Joseph Childress Sep 2010
Through the gardens
Head over heels
Over and ahead hills
Time met a forcefield...
"Love Metaphor's Field"
Shall we cross
The lines of the path
Pass pastures
The past matters
It's the path to the present
Is the time
To take the future
A few Daisies at a time
Thier radiance
So similar to the sun
But Sunflowers disagree
To the utmost degree
And they still wave
The Rose says
Romance is beauty
In the eyes that behold her
Are unforgiving
To those who don't...
Remind us
Of the pasts importance
And we move foward
Through assortments of bouquets
New day
Others aren't as please
The violets hide under trees
And shade thier purple face
And sing the blues
No jolly
Holly ornaments
Hang accross vines
And intertwine tight as twine
Or a kiss...
Tulips under the mistletoe
Such bliss

As free as insects
The Beatles
Eat the ripe fruit of life
We share
No one cares
Strawberry Fields Forever
Sweet scents
As we swing
Life has been like a Jasmine
Imitating that yellow sun
And it's will
While we walk without haste
Through Love Metaphor's Feild
Cydney Something Nov 2018
I'll sit here,
Wasting away in your memory,
Surviving on fumes
Of a love gone dry

I'll wait here,
Counting the moments and nights,
Cursing the heavens
For a hope I lost

I'll sleep here,
Dreaming of what could've been,
Fading to grey
In a sea of your thoughts
Anna Nov 2019
Don't forget your the person wrapped in a bow
waiting to stop the tears and
put on your best show.
Don't forget the forgetmenot lying on your grave
all of the came from the last bouquet.
One thing is new in this,
I loved you forever and always,
the sad and the bliss.

— The End —