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The greatest joy I got from this
Was the fact that I am now free.
You my friend decided to harmonize with the devil,
Instead of sing with the king.
And that’s why your life is hell.
My love was simple and pure,
we mixed well like tea and honey.
Finding him was an accident,
but loving him was not,
and there is not a missing moment to pass
that I don't remember him.
He rose to the top
and died falling.
And that is the end of our story.
What ever smile I put on
You’ll believe it none the less.
I popped you in my mouth expecting honey,
Instead I got vinegar.
I turned off the lights and walked away
From everything that we could’ve been
And everything we could never be.
(This) boy that was and (is),
(M)a(y) be getting something that was never his to begin with.
(Su)ch th(i)ngs can’t de(cide) who he is or was.
(Not)hing can d(e)termine that except himself,
And honestly (it’s) all (dead) to him (anyways).
This isn’t a suicide note for myself. I am completely fine. I understand that a lot of people may not understand the underlying meaning in this so I’m going to explain.

Too often we focus on one thing and not the other. Sometimes we choose to only focus on the bigger picture and neglect everything that may be in between. Sometimes we only look at the things in between the lines and neglect the things that are surrounding to give us more detail and feel of the subject or topic.

Death has been on my heart a lot lately and when I pray I keep saying this statement...”we can **** each other as we **** our selves.”

Now you may take this information and re-read the poem and try to comprehend its true meaning. Thank you guys for your concern but I am okay. I love you guys:)
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