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Anna Jul 2021
I lay next to you
Empty and hopeless
Waiting for you to reach out and hold me.
Mend my broken heart.
Make me one again.
But instead I lay in silence
As your breath fills my lungs.
Waiting for you to reach out and hold me.
I sit here in silent agony
Waiting for a rescue.
Waiting for you to reach out and hold me.
Is this all we will be?
Anna Jul 2021
She has a wild fire that courses her blood.
She has a belly that is full of coffee and deceit.
She has a soul full of moon, stars, and joy.
Anna Jun 2021
my sweet boy,
i love who i am when im reflected in your eyes when you look at me with adoration and affections that cost the sun and stars.
i love the way that the sun hints gold in your shades of grey and blue.
i love they way your hands protect me when i feel full of fear and uncertainty.
i love the way your kisses taste like honey and rain.
i love the way the hints of gold in your eyes reflect the sun
showing the universe that you keep captive inside your soul.
i love when you write little words of “i love you” on my skin with your fingertips,
tracing all of the places i want you to be.
Anna Mar 2021
where the blackberries sweeten
and the daffodils bloom,
thats where i lie down
in soft pillows of clovers and hay
and watch the clouds dance to the melodies
that only the wind and birds can create.
there i lay in silent assurance
of safety and promises
Anna Jan 2021
though i may wander and stray
one thousand times and then
ten thousand times more,
i hear Him calling my name in the distance,
and when i turn around,
the Fathers heart chooses me.
Anna Jan 2021

i lost him entirely.

its gone.

maybe forever.

maybe just for now.

but slowly

he's out of my life.
Anna Dec 2020

Painfully and pitifully lost him.
The one my heart desires.
Slowly he lost affections for me
That I had never lost for him.
Slowly he stopped caring
And set me down gently as he went to go
Live a life I should’ve never been apart of.
Slowly my name turned to bitter taste in his mouth
Instead of the sweet aroma that he knew before.
Slowly intimacy became distance.
Slowly he began to no longer crave me,
But instead run.


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