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Anna 1d
“ hey can I call you back,
I was eating a hoagie
And the tomato flew off
And now there’s mustard
On my pants.”
Anna 5d
I plucked my finger
Against the thorns that are
Wrapped around your heart
And now my fingers bleeding
And your heart is now broken.
Anna 7d
I’m not sure what it was
That made you want to leave.
But you left none the less
And my heart is shattered at the thought
That I may never have you again.

I’m not sure what I did to make you
Despise the idea of me.
But you despise me none the less
And I’m broken at the thought
That this must’ve been my fault.
Anna Oct 14
I love you

And yet you still broke my heart.
Anna Oct 12
If I broke your heart,
Would you feel anything at all?
Anna Sep 29
I hope that you think of me
every time that you see yellow
and smell vanilla.

I hope the love that I left with you
smolders in embers
as you think of me in a distant memory.

I hope that the memories of my kiss
lingers in the back of your mind
as one of the dreams that we dreamed of together.

I hope I am not only the best thing that has happened to you

but that i may also be the person you hate the most,
because of the memory of me.
Anna Sep 22
Losing yourself
Is nothing less than
Finding yourself again.
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