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A Apr 2020
Thank you for always making me laugh
A Apr 2020
soft cheeks
radiant smile
a love unlike any i've ever known
A May 2019
messy bun
brown hair
brown eyes
baking a pie
holding hands in the grocery aisles
contagious laughter
an amazing actor
the kindest smile
the warmest cuddles
playing the bass
kissing my face
reading hallmark cards
petting her dogs in the yard
giving me an encouraging squeeze on my arm
to be continued
A Jun 2018
the thought of that white dress
with laughter and love surrounding me
used to give me a feeling inside similar to that of
laying atop of a warm fitted sheet
covered with a freshly tumbled comforter
pulled from the dryer just for me

but now it just feels like
crawling between cold sheets
dark and alone
i fall asleep
I don't believe in happy endings anymore. I don't think I'm fit for that life
A May 2018
I think there's something broken deep inside of me
In a dark and unreachable place
A May 2018
Why is it that I hold onto the habits that hurt me the most?
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