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Hollow Steve Jul 2015
Catapault me into chaos,
I wish to get a little closer.
Your tainted eyes speak to me.
I wish to get to know you,
just a little bit better.

If I can handle it,
I'll stick around and play.
Too much pain is a killjoy.
If it burns too much,
I'll blow out the fire someday.

I'm seduced into your submission.
My identity remains in shambles,
I'll see you on the otherside,
as I walk through this transition.

A possible phase,
or a permanent reside?
I am lost in mindless self indulgence.
If I dance in the rain,
I'll no longer have to hide.

An eternal blue flame,
made of youth and spirit.
Love could only feed the madness.
To remain the same,
is something my mind could never inhabit.

So dance, and dance,
and sing the tunes of duality.
I experiment with composure.
And once I find balance,
my dream will be that much closer
Ocho the Owl Aug 2014
What should I do with this one life of mine?*

Should I join a worthy cause?
Should I help those in need?
Should I rob a liquor store?
Should I become a drug addict, then recover from my addiction and *"FIND THE LORD"
Should I pretend to be something I'm not?
Should I be gay?
Should I be a crossdresser?
Should I **** someone and bury the body where no one will ever find it?
Should I start a family?
Should I be a good father, or a bad one?
Should I live in the city or in the mountains?

Should I believe in god or be atheist?

Should I fall in love?

Should I love or hate my fellow humans?

I just can't decide tonite....
What to do....what to do....
TexasRambler  Oct 2017
Fuck It
TexasRambler Oct 2017
Bust a nut or stick a ***** up your ****.
Bang an aging clown crossdresser.
Nibble on my ear just like mike tyson.

**** a mean **** for only three bucks.
Eat ***** and sweet *****  out like ice-cream,
and make all the girlies scream.

Drive your car while naked in a sheep ******.
Do coke up an aging *****’s brown crack.
Give strangers hand-jobs to just say hello.
     Or at least give me some ****.

Fall in love with a ****** and sail the world.
Eat your own *** like a vegan smoothie.
Gamble about sporting events fifty years ago.
    Wrap your **** up in a blender.
         But always,
enjoy the downfall while it lasts…..
Now where’s my pay check you *****?
Especially experiencing onset dehydration,
this opinion shared by former consumer,
he quaffed truckloads sugary and sports drinks
found mine once sculpted baby boomer body
undergoing gender reorientation, particularly
nondescript ******* incrementally found

busting (rivaling ******* bunny chest)
necessitated this garden variety
NON GMO gluten free husband
"papa," an endearment
addressed by the missus
puzzled when her

brassieres went missing
loathe to believe what sounded
like **** and bull story
embarrassed, yet finally
relented into pestiferous
inquisitiveness hen pecking wife,

she stood agape, after I dare bare
unclothed upper torso revealed
floppy, limp biscuit sagging
sorry excuse for *****
hence necessitating yours truly
to resort as partial crossdresser,

yet never foreseeing
anatomical morphology transforming
(analogous to mushroom popping up
following bucketloads of rain)
thus went cold turkey,
(as attested by this gobbledygook)

to swear off high caloric non nutritious
popular beverages
(generating bajillions dollars),
and additionally
forced non chipper infowar
i.e. internal three ring circuits

uncivil insurrection
(less than seven years ago)
as weeks elapsed months
(this unplanned resolution
dated early two thousand nineteen),

discarded over the shoulder boulder holder
in tandem with exercise
few times per week
plying twenty pound dumbbells
a pronounced reduction
saved me big bucks
undergoing cosmetic surgery!
He's disgusting.
Yet I'm still drawn to him.

This emotion that has taken me over,
This... freakish desire, if you will,
Has constant control over me,
And gives me no time to relax.

Its identity, still unknown,
Yet so familiar.

It's depicted sometimes as sweet,
Or beautiful,
Or even sad.

Yet none of these descriptions fit!

The pervert in another man's embrace,
The crossdresser who ran around laughing like a maniac,
The man who saved me when I locked myself in the library...
Are they all the same person?
A poem in the perspective of Shiori Shiomiya from The World God Only Knows: Goddesses.
Kinda unfinished but found this lying around in my drafts on AllPoetry and decided I'll finally post it there and here.

— The End —